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Citroen Mehari electric

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Citroen Mehari electric: release, photos, price, features, data sheet and all the information on the new electric car from Citroen.

L'Exitof the brand newCitroen E-Mehariit's close. ThereCitroen Meharisaw its first debut in 1968 and today is about to get back into the game with tractionelectric, thus thee-mehari, on sale from spring 2016. For photos, please visit the photo gallery of Citroen E-Mehari.

Citroen E-Mehari

ThereCitroen e-mehari electricpresents itself to the public with a positive and decidedly sunny look. The harmonious lines, inherited from theCactus, they go perfectly with the electric drive and with thesizeof themehari electric.

The size of thee-mehari electricthey see a length of 3.80 m and a width of 1.87 m. The passenger compartment comfortably accommodates four people. There Citroen mehari electric it is available in four body colors: blue, orange, yellow and beige. The canvas roof is available in red-orange and black.

To underline the free spirit of thee-mehari electric, it's not just the colors or the shapes: the internal coatings are waterproof! The passenger compartment can be characterized by a beige color, which recalls nature, or by the red-orange dedicated to the freest spirits.

What is surprising is the original roof opening system, also inherited from the projectCactus. The hood is completely removable or ... divisible. That is, it can be disassembled and closed thanks to a retractable side system, with large transparent windows, or it can be opened only in front or behind, laterally or completely ... in short, the configurations are numerous and all ready to meet the needs of the moment.

ThereCitroen Mehari electricfeatures dry lithium polymer batteries with a range of 30 kWh and guarantee a range of 200 kilometers. Lithium-ion batteries are fully charged within 8 hours. The top speed is 110 km per hour.

Citroen Mehari: technical sheet

  • 100% electric drive
  • Electric motor has a peak power of 50 kW - 68 horsepower
  • Rated power of 47.6 horsepower
  • 30 kWh lithium polymer dry battery pack
  • Charging times: 8 hours with a 16 Ampere socket, 13 hours with a 10 Ampere socket
  • Maximum speed: 110 km / h
  • Autonomy: 200 km in the urban cycle
  • Dimensions:
    - Length 381 cm
    -Width 187 cm
    -Height 165 cm
  • Folding rear seats
  • Boot capacity: 200 liters
  • Removable hood
  • The model uses a thermoformed plastic body

Citroen Mehari: price

It is not yet known the price. His fun style it gives the public hope for lower list prices but it is difficult to expect a price below 18,000 euros.

Citroen Mehari, the history of the myth

The story of the small electric convertible begins in 1968, when the Citroën Méhari was a car born for leisure and famous with the nickname "beach ".

Today, as in the past, the bodywork of theMéhariit is made with a thermoplastic polymer. The historianbeachused the 2CV platform and mechanics. Theree-mehariit will be the second electric car in the rangeCitroen, the French manufacturer can boast of the already successful Citroen C-Zero, the car used by the police forces of Rome.

Electric cars 2016

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On the front of hybrid cars 2016, the innovations are more numerous: from the Passat GTE to the new Prius, from the hybrid version of the Tiguan to the e-Tron technology of the Audi Q7. For all information on the new cars expected for 2016, please refer to the articleHybrid cars to be released in 2016.

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