Volpino di Pomerania

Volpino di Pomerania

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Volpino di Pomerania, in English it sounds like "pomeranian“, And despite being a German breed it is in the United States that it is at the top of the ranking of the most popular breeds. The Volpino di Pomerania it is among the top 15 dog breeds in the world also by registration but reaches the pinnacle of its fame as a celebrity dog. Purse dog, which is often a coincidence.

There are other more personal and human reasons, and canine ones, to love this dog, for example for its size that is tender but which makes it equally practical and manageable, even for single people in a studio. And then this has a commendable conduct Volpino di Pomerania, so there is nothing to complain about its success.

Volpino di Pomerania: origins

Born in Germany on Volpino di Pomerania is a dog breed named after the European region of Pomeranian. It is an area that at the time of the dog's birth was in the one known as ancient Prussia, today its land is in the Polish borders, but very close to Germany. In fact, the dog claims German origins.
Like the other fox colleagues, the Volpino di Pomerania descends from Canis familiaris palustris rutimeyer.

Pomeranian Dwarf

This story of the Volpino di Pomerania nano comes from a misunderstanding. The Volpino di Pomerania he is already dwarf of his own, one cannot find him more dwarf, or more toy, than it already is in its original version. The fact is that instead of Volpino di Pomerania we should talk about German Spitz, and here we can say nano. Or toy, if we prefer. We are talking about a dog of 30 cm maximum.

Volpino di Pomerania: appearance

In the maximum 30 cm of dog that represents the Volpino di Pomerania, it weighs about 5 kg: it is a breed with a rather robust physique, with a solid and compact build. We immediately see that he is not a mollaccione, despite many VIPs if they carry him around as a gadget: the Volpino it has all its dignity and also an enviable musculature, well balanced in all its parts.

As a demonstration, this breed shows a fast, elastic, articulated movement and a good drive from the rear. This physique, combined with courage, inherited from the German spitz of larger size, make the Volpino di Pomerania a good watchdog.

The muzzle is well proportioned, balanced with the rest of the body and pointed up to the round, small and black nose. The eyes are also dark, almond-shaped and not too large but very expressive, reminiscent of those of a fox like a bit of Volpino di Pomerania. Even the ears: pointed, straight, in the shape of a triangle.

Pomeranian black or white

The most frequent are the white ones, much appreciated, but the specimens of Volpino di Pomerania they can also be red, orange, black and gray. The constant is that the coat is dense, long and soft. On the neck it is particularly thick and dense and forms a mane, also the tail is very soft, straight from the base and which folds over the back.

The hair of the Volpino di Pomerania, black or white or of another color, it has a thick undercoat with a useful water repellent effect that allows quick drying even after bathing.

Volpino di Pomerania: character

It is in effect a companion dog but is also referred to as a guard dog, being often used as a "sentry dog“, Because he is very skilled at alerting real watchdogs thanks to his excellent hearing skills. This shows how the Volpino di Pomerania has a lively and attentive character. Of rare intelligence. Furthermore, he fears no one and is so fond of his master that he defends him at all costs and in all conditions.

Besides that pet and guard, the Volpino di Pomerania is also defined as a circus, because it is so docile and trainable that it also learns any exercise very quickly. But just do not put him to interact with those he does not know, because he turns into a suspicious and guarded dog. And then in a great barker.

Volpino di Pomerania: breeding and care

Easy to train, iPomeranian foxes they are also easy to breed as they do not need special care. They should be brushed well, even with the carder, because they have a hair that deserves to be kept shiny.

Another useful indication is that onsupply which must be more balanced than ever but only so as not to make it too fat. For this reason, the walks that also keep him in a good mood and in contact with the "giant" world seen from his are also useful. height of Volpini di Pomerania. Even the teeth should be checked often, to avoidbad breath, but also because, due to the small size of the teeth, del tartar.

Volpino di Pomerania: price

A puppy of Volpino costs approx 800 euros, up to 1000. It is quite common as a dog but online it is always better to be cautious when buying. We always ask for the documents, complete, and if possible, we also view the dog with a veterinary expert.

However, his health is generally good, and he usually lives between 12 and 15 years. There are cases of specimens reaching i 20 years of age.

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