Pocket Gardens, a zero impact gift idea

Pocket Gardens, a zero impact gift idea

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Are you looking for agift idea or an original gift to give to your guests as a wedding favor? So why not choose a eco-friendly gift suitable for any occasion ?! A proposal comes from the YesLife portal that offerspocket gardens with organic soil approved by Soil Association. A purchase ecological but also supportive, thanks to the collaboration with Food Bank, the purchase of a pocket garden it will contribute to the fight against waste and hunger.

THE Pocket Gardens they are bags that contain soil and seeds. Just water them to see your plant grow. The seeds contained in the bag can be of flowers or cooking plants, so, when the plant sprouts, it will be possible to have zero-kilometer garden products. The Pocket Gardens are gift ideas original, ecological and supportive. Simple to take care of even in closed and clean environments such as the office!

THE Pocket Gardens they can be bearers of a message, everyone knows the language of flora but nobody is used to seeing a small pocket box sprout! The seeds available are varied, ranging from Carnation with a love message, with Margherita as a symbol of friendship. They are not missing Pocket Gardens containing four-leaf clover seeds to wish good luck or wild strawberries for special thanks. Carnations, chillies, violets, marigolds…. you are spoiled for choice!

Those who wish can set up a real vegetable garden of cooking herbs: chamomile, chives, coriander, oregano, parsley, echinacea, mint, mustard and watercress, all pocket-sized and all strictly biological.

THE Pocket Gardens they are perfect like gift idea for next Christmas, the package lends itself well to decorate the Christmas tree with a solution a bass environmental impact is high social sustainability. It would not be bad to see a Christmas tree in the house decorated with small Pocket Gardens to give to your guests, friends and relatives. There are three i Pocket Gardens supportive, with seeds of Gerberas, Carnations and Sunflowers. Recall that the Food Bank it helps those in need and contributes to fighting hunger in the world. THE eco-friendly gifts allow us to express our interest in social and environmental issues.

Pocket Gardens Update:

The described campaign has ended. Anyone wishing to set up a very small garden can count on products similar to those described up to now. The bags with soil are replaced with boxes filled with equally fertile soil and with seeds already predisposed to growth. There are boxes for growing vegetables, flowering plants, aromatic species: you are spoiled for choice. To get an idea of ​​prices and plants to grow, we refer you to the Click and Grow Crops page.

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