Self-cleaning cat litter

Self-cleaning cat litter

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Self-cleaning cat litter, and we take a deep breath of relief that so far we have to clean them to ensure that our guests continue to do the needs inside them instead of in other more creative and less pleasant places. There self-cleaning cat litter it is not a mirage but it exists, indeed, there are various types.

We will recommend some of them, and we will go into the merits of how they work then leaving everyone the freedom to consider it a toy for the rich and fanatic or a useful accessory for those who want to have a cat but also comfort and a less chore.Points of view in front of which a cat would not care.

Self-cleaning cat litter: how it works

Making up for one of the least popular tasks of us masters, the self-cleaning cat litter it acts as a very normal litter, from the point of view of the cat, which should feel no difference or show discomfort. It is larger in size than the Classic “little box”, especially compared to certain litter boxes to which cats are sometimes forced to adapt, but in the dimensions that are perhaps not very easy, there are advantages that should not be overlooked.

Equipped with a cleaning strainer, there is the Stefanplast self-cleaning cat litter. Her name is Furba and already makes it clear that she solves many problems for us. The dimensions must be considered: 39 x 59 x 22 cm. Actually it's not cheap, but you can find a place for it comfort which provides for the presence of 2 cassettes and 1 sieve to quickly and easily clean the litter tray.

Tidy and odorless, the self-cleaning cat litter invites them not to lose the good habit of using it. Domestic cats, even cleaner and more habitual, more perfect and fussy, will do their business serenely. Generally one self-cleaning cat litter requires a simple installation in which it is necessary to provide an inlet for cold water, on the wall, as if it were a washing machine or taps, and then also a power outlet is needed.

Many of these devices use washable granules similar to sand so the cat while doing its business, while getting ready, more than anything else, can keep the habit of digging and covering. When the animal does its needs, the liquid goes away from the grains to the bottom, in the base of the self-cleaning cat litter, and there everything is washed. There are litter boxes equipped with real cleaning "hands" that take the feces and bring them into the pump where they dissolve.

Then there is one sanitizing cartridge which is used to clean the grains and their container from germs and odors in order to restore the situation, complete with a fan to dry them so they are ready for a new test. Meanwhile, the dirty water already used in washing and the feces liquefied they are discharged into the toilet, in the house drain.

Looking a little like a spaceship, the self-cleaning cat litter it has a keyboard of commands that are equally protected, especially from cats, but even more so from children who might be intrigued by this game.

It is possible to see one in action, too, in this video we observe another model, the self-cleaning cat litter by LitterMaid, also available on Amazon.

Self-cleaning cat litter: opinions

I don't know if you have already formed an opinion with the article alone, or want to see one self-cleaning cat litter in action. Maybe yes, since the odor or absence of odor should also be evaluated, a very important element for those who know what it means to clean the cat litter box. Prejudices aside, everyone must also evaluate based on the space they have in the house, because the self-cleaning cat litter requires it, and the organization of water and current attacks.

Of course, the convenience is there, and the litter boxes work, then you can ask yourself if it's worth it and it's time to automate everything. To each his own opinion, and his own litter to clean with the cat that meows for the smell it produces.

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