Renault Zoe R240, all the info

Renault Zoe R240, all the info

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Renault Zoe R240: features, autonomy, charging times, price and all the information for those who are considering purchasing the ZOE R240.

ThereRenault Zoeit is the electric caraward-winningand now chosen by over 25,000 customers. Among the price lists ofelectric carsfor sale in Italy, theRenault Zoeit is the one that stands out most for a better relationshipquality price.

The size of theRenautl Zoeare those of a sedan with 5 seats declared even if, four people travel more comfortably. It is just over four meters long and has a wheelbase of about 259 cm.

The price of the Renault Zoe R240

At the time of thestate eco-incentives for the purchase of electric carsand taking advantage of ad hoc promos, this car could be bought at a cost of around 16,000 euros. A real deal!

Today, RenaultZoe you buy with prices starting from 22,050 euros and systemR240 which provides a more performing engine. The improvements can be seen starting from the increase inautonomyoverall, with the reduction of charging times and, finally, with the overall driving performance.

With 2016 the Renault ZOE R240arrives on the market even stronger, earning the title ofVAB Family Car of the year 2016also thanks to the new systemR240.

The price of 22,050 euros refers to the carZOE R240with LIFE equipment level. Included in the price, the user will have:

  • the 6-meter Mennekes charging cable
  • ignition without keys with Electronic Keycard
  • Electric front windows
  • 15 ″ steel wheels
  • Blued glasses
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Electric exterior mirrors
  • cruise control
  • ABS with electronic brake force distribution
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Electronic stability system
  • Isofix Fixing System for those traveling with children on board
  • Tire repair kit
  • Automatic climate control
  • Radiosat Mid Classic with voice recognition
  • Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, SD, Jac Aux in
  • Cartography Italy

Those who don't feel like paying full price can buy the Renault ZOE R240 in installments. The plan envisaged by the Value Box Drive sees 60 installments of € 377.10 with an advance of € 4,500.

News and autonomy of the Renault ZOE R240

The engineR240allows you to increase the autonomy of theRenault ZOEof 30 km thus bringing theautonomyoverall at 240 km in the NEDC cycle.

Charging times also improve, bringing a 10% reduction with the classic electrical socket thanks to the charging systemCameleon. If charging in the home shortens the time, that at the charging stations improves even more: charging with the Cameleon system shows maximum efficiency with charging stations with power from 3 to 22 kW which represent 95% of the charging stations installed in Italy.

The engineR240it's asynchronous electric motorwith coiled rotor capable of delivering a total power of 65 kW (88 HP) and with a drive torque of 220 Nm, available from the first acceleration. The Cameleon Charger is integrated and thanks to the new configuration there is a 10% smaller footprint.

Technical specifications of the R240 engine

The technical data sheet refers to the motorized Zoe with R240 electric engine.

  • Horsepower: 88 hp
  • Power in kW: 65 kW
  • Exchangesemi automatic Gearbox ZE
  • Top speed: 135 km / h
    Specifications of the electric charging package
  • Battery capacity 22 kWh
  • Type of electric charging
  • ZE 43 system maximum power per hour
  • Nominal voltage 430

Dimensions of theRenault ZOE R240

  • Total length: 4084 mm
  • Step: 2588

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