How to collect rocket seeds

How to collect rocket seeds: instructions for harvesting rocket seeds and subsequent sowing and cultivation. The use of rocket seeds in the kitchen.

Thererocket salad, known in some regional dialects asrocket, is an annual herbaceous plant of the Brassicaceae family. Leaving aside the botanical generalities, we can say that therocketit is very popular in the kitchen: it is excellent to accompany meats and cured meats, to enrich white pizzas, to accompany corn or to constitute a precious support bed for the most varied dishes. With the rocket salad it is possible to make a precious pesto to use as a sauce for pasta.

THE rocket seeds they can be collected for re-sowing or for use in the kitchen: i rocket seeds they can be used in place of mustard seeds or to obtain a very delicate oil with a pleasant taste. The use of rocket seeds in cooking is not widespread precisely because of the difficulty of harvesting.

This guide on how to take the seeds of rocket, roughly speaking, also applies to parsley and a large number of aromatic herbs.

Typically, the rocket saladnostrana has flowers like those shown in the photo above with the difference that the petals are wider and yellow in color. Some varieties see white flowers, in the photo above the Erica vescicaria.

How to collect rocket seeds

Thererocket salad, as well as theparsley, it blooms depending on the year of planting. To get the seeds you have to wait patiently for flowering without weeding the buds. Let the seedling thriverocketuntil you notice the formation of the flowers, yellow and cross-shaped for the rocket and umbrella-shaped (very small) for the parsley.

By letting the plant thriverocket salad, the flowers will turn into pods loaded with seeds, ready to be harvested. When the pods appear dry, you can arrange to collect them together with the twigs. Organize yourself with a sieve and a large container.

First, crush the well-dried twigs using your hands. Shake gently by dropping everything into the container. During the crushing phase, small seeds will begin to fall out. THErocket seedsthey are dark and are much heavier than the fragments of the twigs and pods. Sift the rocket seeds and then store them in a dry place.

The seeds should be stored in an airtight container and away from sources of moisture. Do not forget to label the container specifying the species collected and the date.

The arugula pods are very loaded with seeds so it will take you half an hour to obtain several hundred seeds. Such an abundant quantity is generally greater than what can be used in a home garden, for this reason do not hesitate to give the arugula seeds you have collected to neighbors and relatives.

For the sowing of rocket, you can act directly in the open field from March to September. For other tips on cultivation, we refer you to the articlehow to grow rocket on the balcony.

Collect vegetable seeds, greens and herbs

Many plants, especially among aromatic herbs and so-called "smells", can be multiplied bycutting without having to wait for the flowering and germination times associated with harvesting the seeds. Despite the propagation by cuttings, those who want to participate in the seed bank or exchange them at fairs and city events, may find our guides on collecting seeds of vegetables, aromatic herbs and other vegetables useful.

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As can be imagined, when it comes to vegetables, i seeds they are contained in the fleshy part of the food. On the contrary, when it comes to herbs and vegetables, you will have to wait for flowering to be able collect seeds at the end of the floral development.

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