Smart dogs: the ranking

Smart dogs: the ranking

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Smart dogs, as well as being faithful, man's best friends, affectionate, allies, walking and playing companions for the little ones. Yes, the 4 legs that go around the house have a nice brain too, some are smart dogs more than others, but in general we can count on them. Of course, not to solve physics problems!

Each master is convinced that among the smart dogs his is more so than the norm, mestizo or race whether he is, large or very small, female or male. It is not difficult to believe, moreover, there are not even official parameters so to speak. On the basis of what can be evaluated among all the existing types, for example, i smart dogs and less intelligent dogs?

It is a question of fidelity, obedience or intuition. There is a Ranking which I was inspired by. It is not the Gospel, then everyone can continue to think that their own is the guru of the gods smart dogs of the planet, but a realistic reference is good to have. The scholar who dealt with it is Stanley Coren: Professor of the Department of Psychology and Director of the Human Neuropsychology Laboratory at the University.

Smart dogs: how to understand the ranking

Do not be offended by the masters of the gods smart dogs mestizos, but Coren had to limit himself to purebred ones because otherwise he would have gone mad to evaluate all the possible crosses and from time to time interrogate and compare them. It was based on the opinions of numerous trainers associated with theAmerican and Canadian Kennel Club and tried to name some names without responsibility on the individual specimens of smart dogs.

We are far from the abilities of chimpanzees, ravens or dolphins, as a type of ability: the qualities in which we wanted to classify the smart dogs are more than high inherent toempathy, to the understanding or intuition of situations and emotions. Our 4-legged friends cannot compete with a chimpanzee in some ways, but they know for example recognize faces after seeing a still image. Or understand if in a photo there is a landscape or a man, or a dog.

The top ten of smart dogs is this, from the first to the tenth: Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Dobermann, Shetland Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Dwarf Spaniel, Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog.

Smart dogs: the 10 smartest breeds

With elegance we start from the bottom, from the tenth among the intelligent dogs identified by Coren: theAustralian Cattle Dog. It falls as a breed in the category of shepherds and cattle dogs and was born to govern flocks of large cattle. It is a medium - small sized dog, not very common except in the country and in northern Europe, robust and muscular, with short blue coat, sometimes with black undertones. Besides being very smart as a sheepdog, he is a good one watchdog, easily trainable, faithful and loyal.

It deserves to be among the smart dogs, as well as the much better known colleague: the Rottweiler. Stocky and vigorous, strong and resistant, this animal also has a nice little head. Contrary to rumors, he is in a calm mood, loves children and becomes attached to children. Obedient, docile and responsive to all the stimuli of the world around him.

In eighth place in the ranking of smart dogs there is one of a completely different size: thedwarf spaniel. It is a pet breed, originally from France and Belgium, in two versions: with erect or hanging ears, respectively bow tie and phalène. The physique of this animal is longer than tall, the muzzle is short and pointed, the hair long, silky, shiny, wavy, of various colors but always with a white background.

Before the dwarf Epagneul we find the Labrador Retriever, intelligent, sociable, docile and robust as well excellent swimmer. What can I say more, it is already a very well known breed, even from the media, and you can immediately see that it is smart dogs, and also very good. Often used by the police, but also in many families.

The Shetland Shepherd is in sixth place, by a hair's breadth out of the top five smart dogs, but it deserves its moment of glory as it is not a very widespread breed today. Segregated, or almost segregated, in the Scottish islands of the same name, it is a dog born to guard and lead the flocks of sheep but has proved, for those who have known it, very smart and skilled also as guard and companion dog. It has a nose that immediately struck me and find it among the smart dogs it just makes me a great pleasure, we hope it will bring him luck and take him to Italy.

The Dobermann with all its power it takes fifth place, with the brazen presence from defense dog. It is an animal that is very attached to the family, belongs to the category of molossers and can even weigh 45 kg. Smart dogs and intelligence ... has its weight, in his case. It is also lively, but not for everyone, it must be known to educate and manage, remembering that in the First World War messenger for the German army, was looking for scattered and hidden enemy explosives deposits.

Before his cousin Labrador, in fourth place among the smart dogs comes the Golden Retriever, also employed by the Police, also for the search for explosives, if not drugs. To date. They are very well known and common dogs in Italy, i Golden Retriever, also used as guides for the blind to demonstrate that, besides being meek, they aresmart dogs, sensitive and obedient.

Climbing on the podium we meet the German Shepherd, born to look after the flock but then passed to the Civil Protection and to families who love him very much. This dog also reaches 40 kg but what makes him famous and awarded among intelligent dogs is his loyalty. The German Shepherd is a affectionate companion and particularly empathetic, with children in the first place.

For a whisker the Toy Poodle, but it is the first, for consolation, among the smart dogs little ones. It is an active, elegant and proud animal, and also cheerful that never hurts. Its main feature is the curly hair which also makes it very elegant, so much so that it performed in circuses as early as the early 1800s.

The triumph among intelligent dogs is the Border Collie. We already know him well, but I confirm and repeat that he is definitely a desirable animal. Beautiful, tender, affectionate, docile and tenacious. Manageable even in the apartment, with its 10-12 kg, being very obedient and devoted to the owner. He wants to please him at all costs and, being the smartest among the smart dogsalways succeeds.

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