Clean photovoltaic panels

Clean photovoltaic panels: from do-it-yourself with brushes to the use of the pressure washer machine. Instructions for cleaning the photovoltaic system.

One of the most common causes of the loss of yield of photovoltaic panels is dirt.

Dust, leaves, dirt, resins, dejections of the flying and various debris, are deposited onphotovoltaic panelscausing a reduction in energy production. Generally, rain should be enough to wash away all sorts of dirt, however, during dry spells, impurities tend to build up and become more difficult to remove. This is why we recommendclean photovoltaic panelsperiodically but especially in the dry periods of the year.

To improve the performance of the photovoltaic system, it is necessary to comply with the routine maintenance of the system and among these is the cleaning the panels. If your system produces little energy and you cannot understand why, we invite you to read our article: "photovoltaic system that does not produce, what to do? ".If you just want to understand how to clean photovoltaic panels, I refer you to the following paragraphs.

Cleaning of solar panels and water

The water is rich in mineral salts, limestone deposits and more. For clean solar panels the use of demineralized water or as pure as possible is recommended. The reason for this need is clear: the water is able to wash away the dirt and various debris, however, when it dries, it deposits limestone and other microelements which in the long run create an opaque patina that lowers the yieldof the entire plant.

This is why, before thinking about specific detergents and detergents for solar panels, we need to consider the water source. The water of the fountain is not at all suitable for cleaning the solar system precisely because it tends to leave halos: the only alternative solution would be to dry the panels after washing them but if it is a photovoltaic roof or an extended surface , drying is utopian.

There are reverse osmosis machines on the market that can completely purify the water before use. In this way, the treated water is able to clean the photovoltaic system without leaving any residue.

A reverse osmosis filter for water, on Amazon, is bought with a budget of 150 euros but is not suitable for cleaning photovoltaic modules because it delivers water at low pressure. More performing sets consisting of four filters with adequate capacity, you can buy them for 500 euros and to this purchase you will need to add that of a pressure washer capable of intensifying the water pressure.

Companies specialized in cleaning photovoltaic panels use this type of filters. It is clear that those who have a small photovoltaic system are not always willing to hunt for a large sum for the purchase of cleaning equipment. This is why many specialized cleaning centers offer themselvesto rentpressure washers equipped with osmosis filter for water.

To save on the intervention of specialized companies, you can rent such a car and arrange, at least twice a year, toclean the photovoltaic systemin full autonomy.

Chemical cleaners also leave residues that can settle on the photovoltaic panel. It is for this reason that the use of detergents is recommended only in extreme cases and using professional and preferably biodegradable detergents.

In fact, using pure water there is not even the need to use solvents. The same pure water (0 ppm) acts as an extraordinary natural solvent capable of eliminating dirt from surfaces thanks to the presence of dipolewhich characterizes the water molecules.

Clean photovoltaic panels with brushes

Those lucky enough to have well water (agricultural water) or drinking water of excellent quality (not calcareous), can clean the photovoltaic system using simple telescopic brushes.

When purchasing the brushes, make sure that the handle is high enough to reach the roof and cover, at least for a large part, the area of ​​the system. Brush prices vary widely, both by manufacturer and by model capabilities. For cleaning the photovoltaic system it is possible to adapt the brushes that are used for cleaning campers or SUVs, so if you already have a telescopic brush with hose connectionyou can use that. On Amazon you can find this type of brushes at a price of about 50 euros with free shipping and extendable handle up to 170 cm.

Also on Amazon, one Specific brush for photovoltaic you buy with 60,40 euros with free shipping. It is a specific mop for photovoltaics, able to stretch up to over 4 meters. Also in this case, the mop has a quick connection for the water.

If you already have a pressure washer, it can be associated with the machine you have using a fitting with a flexible hose.

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