Air Purifier Bike, the bike that purifies the air

Nowadays, thebicycleis onestatus symbol of sustainability and dynamism. To give an edge to the sidegreenof thebikethe trio of Thai designers thought about it when designing theAir Purifier Bike, a pedal vehicle that not only guarantees emission-free transport, but also eliminates pollution by purifying the air.

The project that comes from Bangkok was carried out bySilawat Virakul, Torsakul KosaikulisSuvaroj Poosrivongvanid, three names difficult to pronounce while what is very simple is the operating principle of theAir Purifier Bike: a double action system that uses a filter associated with the "old"photosynthesis.


The filter is located in the central part of the handlebar and is able to block polluting dust and carbon dioxide by purifying the air breathed by the cyclist. The chemical reaction of artificial photosynthesis is located in the frame and is triggered by the rotational movement of the pedals: the cyclist, while pedaling, produces electricity which is then used for the electrolysis of the water. On the back of the seat there is a small tank full of water, clean electricity is used to strip away the protons (H +) of the water molecule (H2O) and return clean oxygen (O2) to the atmosphere.

The project by the Thai designers has already won a Red Dot Award.L'Air Purifier Bikeborn aspedal assisted bicycle where every electrical component is perfectly integrated into the final design of the vehicle: the lithium-ion batteries have been inserted in the faired down tube, the electric motor has been hidden in the hollow bottom bracket while the wheels have abandoned the classic spokes to marry three spokes, also, like the tube, faired.


L'air Purifier Bikeit exists only on paper, in fact the prestigious Red Dot Design Award was won in the category DesignConcept 2014. The next step of the Thai trio consists in the creation of the first prototypes with which, then, to hunt for financing for large-scale production.
Is there any hope of seeing this product on the market?Yup.
The economic crisis has hit several sectors but not that of pedal mobility. L'bicycle industryhas grown and according to the resportGlobal Bicycle Industry 2013-2018: trends profit and Forecast Analysisof Lucintel, the next five years will be characterized by substantial investments that will strengthen the sector ofbicycleand ofpedal assisted bike. There will be no shortage of government investments allocated in order to contain air and noise pollution.


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