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Tutto Bio 2014: stories of young greens

Tutto Bio 2014: stories of young greens

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All Bio, and Bio Bank, once again this year collect the best green stories of the country, of a country that, if at all all organic it is not, it is giving many hints of change, more than it appears. It is therefore time to update, and to do it with stories. Twenty, to be precise, and of young people who, up and down the boot, say to the reader: “Me? Work in the organic ".
In "Everything Bio 2014" there are courageous, innovative, emblematic experiences: each in its own way is a national, European, green piece of puzzle. A puzzle this time, yes, all organic, because this is the goal for the future and for the next yearbooks.

For the moment, 2014, 20th edition, with over 10,600 operators reviewed, All Bio, still accompanies the growth of a sector where it would seem more and more convenient to aim. And many young people are understanding this.
In the volume just published with twenty years of organic in Italy contained in the Bio Bank Report you will find data, statistics, tables and graphs, interesting trends presented in a practical and accessible way to all, to tickle the interest of those who, all organic or partly organic, it wants to look to a green future.

ALL BIO 2014

Organic Yearbook | 20th edition
curated by Achille Mingozzi and Rosa Maria Bertino | Bio Bank by Egaf Editions
360 pages | 16 Euro | Format 16.5 x 23.5 cm | Print on ecological paper

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