C Evolution Electric Scooter, price and details

C Evolution Electric Scooter, price and details

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TheC Evolution electric scooterit can be purchased from May 2nd at dealerships BMW Motorradand promises a lively and fun drive with the added value of zero emissions.

C Evolution Price and incentives
According to what is written in the official press release ofBMW Group Italy, in our country, the purchase ofC Evolution electric scootermay benefit from the incentives provided for by the Ministerial Decree of 3 April 2014, which provides for a contribution equal to 20 percent of pricepurchase of the vehicle, net of taxes.

In case of access to the incentives, being a zero-emission vehicle, the discount to be applied topricefull ofBmw electric scooteris equal to 2,544 euros.

Thepriceof theelectric scooter Bmw C Evolutionamounts to 15,750 euros (excluding incentives and turnkey) and includes, in addition to the usual specific technical training by the staff of BMW Motorrad dealers, also a certification course for second-level operators on high-voltage vehicles.


If, despite the incentives, the price of the BMW electric scooter seems too high, take a look at the list of electric scooters on the market.

Bmw C Evolution Electric Scooter
The motor is liquid cooled permanent synchronous, flanked by a toothed belt and a planetary gearbox. The engine is capable of delivering a nominal power of 11 kW - equivalent to 15 HP - and a peak power that goes up to 35 kW (47.5 HP). With these characteristics, theC Evolution Electric Scooterit is able to achieve acceleration values ​​that partially exceed those of maxi-scooters equipped with an internal combustion engine with a displacement of 600 cc and more. The maximum torque is 72 Nm and is immediately available. The acceleration sees the sprint from 0 to 50 km / h covered in 2.7 seconds, while that from 0 to 100 km / h is covered in 6.2 seconds.

Lovers of extreme performance will find excellent acceleration but certainly not record-breaking speed: the top speed of theC Evolution electric scooterwas electronically limited to 120 km / h, the reason? When the accelerator is turned too much, the range decreases! High speeds would put too much strain on the battery pack.


C Evolution Electric Scooter Autonomy and charging times
It can be recharged at home or with high voltage sockets. The charging time, when the battery is totally discharged, amounts to 4 hours with a current of 12 A, the times drop to 3 hours if recharged at 16 A / 220V.

The high voltage battery is lithium-ion, air-cooled, and has the capacity of 8 kW. A full charge allows the user to travel 100 km.

To theBMW C Evolutionthere is no lack of ABS and an energy recovery system during braking: during braking, the energy already delivered to the engine with acceleration is diverted and sent back to the battery pack which is strictly lithium.


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