Useful tips for a barbecue

Useful tips for a barbecue

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The grill, a classic of this period, goes very well with cooking in foil

There grilled cookinggrid, plate, spit is embers - is the technique of dry cooking in which the heat reaches the food directly. The cooking of the food can be done at natural or after having it marinated with aromas, lemon juice, aromas and spices according to taste. The salt, a little, must always be added after cooking, otherwise the release of the fluids becomes excessive, with a consequent loss of flavor and tenderness.

There cooking on the grill it does not take long, it has the advantage of being quick and avoiding i fat but you can only grill thin foods, otherwise the inside will be raw and cold and the surface will be charred. On the grill, the open flame must never touch the food and there must be no production of smoke from the fuel: the embers it must be prepared in advance and is ready only when it becomes completely white on the outside.

The ideal for grilling are meat in pieces of 3 cm thick at most (fillet, roast beaf, knots, ribs, chops, chicken or turkey breasts etc.) or cut into cubes; small fish, whole or in pieces (swordfish, salmon, dogfish etc.) or fish fillets; clams (squid, squid, etc.) or crustaceans (shrimps, scampi, mantis shrimp).

They can also be grilled vegetables minimum size (mushroom heads, small tomatoes...) or cut into pieces or strips (tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, courgettes etc.); possibly also pieces of fruit, specially apples.

The secret of a good barbecue is also to flavor foods with marinades, aromas is spices. The simplest marinade is the classic oil, lemon, salt and rosemary where you can leave the food a few hours before cooking.

The aromas, or herbs, are the ideal accompaniment to grilled food because this family includes: garlic, basil, onion, tarragon, bay, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, leek, celery, thyme, marjoram etc ... Fresh aromas such as basil and parsley deteriorate due to heat and should therefore be used only after cooking. Others, such as rosemary and oregano can be part of the marinade or added in cooking.

Less indicated spices, which apart from pepper, chilli, mustard and juniper are less suitable for grilling. Unless you have a soft spot for anise, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and saffron.

While grilling you can also use the grill to prepare something al foil, a cooking method that preserves the nutritional value food and maximizes the flavor and aroma of aromatic herbs. Just wrap the food in a well-sealed sheet of aluminum foil and place it on the grill.

Finally, don't forget 'safety'. For this, read our article The safe barbecue

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