Energy saving

Use and maintenance of the refrigerator

Some small tricks lower energy consumption and contribute to correct refrigerator maintenance, making it last longer. Let's see what they are.

For economical use of the refrigerator

The first precaution concerns the position of the fridge, which should always be in the coolest part of the kitchen and in any case away from the stove, radiator and window. If it is a freezer, a good location can be the cellar or the garage.

Between the wall and the back of the fridge at least 10 cm of space should always be left. If the appliance is to be built into the kitchen furniture, it is good to make sure that there is enough space above and below for a minimum of ventilation.

The thermostat adjustment of the fridge must take into account the ambient temperature. This means that it will vary according to the seasons, taking into account the manufacturer's instructions. It should be remembered that temperatures that are too low are useless for proper food storage, while consumption also increases by 15 percent.

Foods must be placed in fridge according to the respective storage needs (read our article Food storage in the refrigerator) remembering that the coldest area is generally at the bottom, above the vegetable drawers.

The fridge it should never be overfilled and, especially if it is a frost-free model, a few centimeters of space should be left close to the walls to facilitate air circulation and avoid condensation.

In fridge and even less in the freezer never put hot food because they raise the internal temperature and contribute to the formation of ice on the walls. Remember that when you open the fridge it's like opening your wallet: the temperature rises and the consumption of electricity goes up. Also for this reason the foods must be kept in order in fridge and preferably always in the same place, so that you can pick them up quickly.

For proper maintenance of the refrigerator

To have fridge and the freezer is always in good shape, first of all check that the rubber door seals are in good condition, otherwise they must be replaced.

The condenser (coil) located on the back of the fridge should be kept clean and dusted from time to time. Cleaning must be done after disconnecting the power by removing the layer of dust which, by hindering cooling, increases consumption.

The fridge it must be defrosted as soon as the ice layer exceeds 5 mm in thickness. Exactly as happens in the igloos of the Eskimos, the frozen frost works as an insulator and removes cold from the appliance, increasing consumption and subtracting useful space.

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