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How to grow radishes

How to grow radishes

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Summer is the time not only in which to harvest many varieties of vegetables but also to sow different vegetables. Among the vegetables that do not require special knowledge in cultivation we find the radishes which are distinguished in round and elongated: they do not need much space and can also be kept in pots on the balcony. But let's see in detail how to grow radishes following our directions step by step.

Radishes are counted among the least caloric foods to bring to the table and they also have many beneficial and healthy properties for our body: they should never be missing in our salads.

How to grow potted radishes

  1. For growing in pots, get a container about 20 cm deep and good soil
  2. After making holes about half a centimeter away from each other, pour the soil then put the seeds that will be covered with a little earth
  3. Water immediately afterwards with the help of a sprayer, taking care not to let the soil escape

How to grow radishes, useful information

  • For cultivation in the open ground, prefer loose and well-drained soils, with a good percentage of potassium and less nitrogen, to prevent them from producing more leaves than fruit.
  • Make sure the soil is light: heavy ones can cause radishes to produce too spicy.
  • Since they love cool and humid environments, place them in partial shade and irrigate abundantly, especially if grown in pots and in periods of intense heat.
  • On average, radishes ripen about a month after sowing
  • They should be picked as soon as they are ripe, in order to avoid that they can harden and acquire spiciness
  • Under the principle of intercropping, you can grow radishes next to cabbage, spinach, carrots, peas and tomatoes: lettuce, in particular, is able to make it less pungent and tastier.

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