How to grow the apple tree

How to grow the apple tree

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How to grow the apple tree: small growers must aim forapple tree cultivationin small spaces, with quick varieties in fruiting and very productive. The most common rootstock, especially among those who wantcultivate the apple treein the backyard, it is the M9. This rootstock is not suitable for anyone who wantscultivate the apple treein the north as it does not withstand low temperatures. It is also among the most widespread in organic farming.

When to grow the apple tree
The best time for planting astonis (ie the plants already grafted that can be bought in nurseries) is autumn. In any case, the planting can take place throughout the period of vegetative rest.

How to grow the apple tree, fertilization
Soil fertilization is crucial inapple tree cultivation. Before the planting of aApple treeit is advisable to bring a good dose of organic substance to the soil in the form of mature manure or compost.

How to grow the apple tree, pruning
The most common form of farming is the spindle one, here theApple treeassumes the shape of a cone with the apex upwards, almost like a Christmas tree. With this form of "breeding" the apple tree has a single vertical axis from which numerous lateral branches freely branch off starting from 60-50 cm from the ground. These branches are becoming shorter and shorter from the bottom to the other.

The branches at the base are part of the permanent skeleton of theApple treewhile the remaining branches needpruning. Therepruningit must be performed every year to better regulate the productivity of the plant.

TheApple treeis a species that tends to alter the production in years of charge (fruit hedgehogs) and years of discharge (with the formation of a fewapples). Pruning, together with the manual thinning of the fruit, are the two means by which it is possible to "regulate" the production, keeping it constant over the years. However, it is advisable to follow onepruningcontained ofApple treeif a year of discharge is foreseen, this will leave more flower buds. On the contrary, it is good to do onepruningmore consistent in view of charging so as to reduce the buds to flower.

How to grow the apple tree, irrigation
It all depends on the climate and the season, as well as the type of soil and rootstock chosen. In any case, the water needs of the apple tree intensify in the second part of the season, when the growth ofapplesit is concomitant with the summer heat.

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