Conversion to electric car

Conversion to electric car

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Forelectric car conversion we mean the "transformation" of acarheat engine in an electrically powered car. Thereconversion to electric carof a conventional car, better defined as "electrical retrofit"Can count on ready-to-use kits.

This procedure is quite complex and requires the replacement of all the characteristic components of a car with an internal combustion engine (engine, tank, exhaust pipe, filters ...) with the components necessary for electric traction (electric motor, batteries ...).

As stated, suchconversionit is not easy at all and we recommend the "do it yourself" only to experienced users. In Italy there are several companies that offer the service ofelectrical retrofitof cars; kits are available on the market forconversion to electric carborn for the Fiat 500, the Smart and for various vintage cars.

What does theconversionof a traditional car in aelectric car?
From the car from convertthe engine, tank, exhaust pipes and cooling system are removed and replaced with aelectric motor direct current and a series of rechargeable batteries with all accessory components.

Although a car has an energy efficiency two times higher than that of an endothermic vehicle, with an average life that is at least ten times higher, it is not immediate to speak of economic advantages: the cost of converting a vehicle into electric is very high!

How much does the conversion cost?
The retrofit it has a very variable cost that can reach and exceed 10 thousand euros. On average, the purchase of the new electric motor and accessory components involves an expense ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 euros. Then there are the costs related to labor, which are around 1,000 euros. Once the car has been converted into aelectric car, this will be able to cover, on average, 100 kilometers with only 2 euros of electricity.

It is possible to learn more about the topic in the article on electrical retrofit kits.

What are the components of a kit for converting a car into an electric car?

  • Direct current electric motor.
  • Electric accumulators (battery pack).
  • Controller with energy recovery capability in release
  • DC / DC transformer, necessary to power the car control unit that governs lights, arrows, stops, wipers ...
  • Charger to power the battery pack.

The price of the kit varies as the performance of each individual component increases.

Transforming a vintage car into an electric car
In Italy there is no shortage of workshops that provide this service. The most striking example is given by oneold Fiat 500 transformed into an electric carwith excellent performance.

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