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All the properties of Gramigna

All the properties of Gramigna

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Gramigna Property. Even if gardeners and farmers see theweedas a mere weed, it must be said that this plant retains considerableproperty. Thereweedis present in our gardens in twospeciesherbaceous, Canine Tooth and Canine Grass.

Gramigna: canine tooth and canine grass
Have you ever surprised yoursdogto chew weed? Most likely it was aweed. The species of theweedthey are identified with the name "canine" precisely because dogs use "detoxification" by chewing these herbs. Both species have the same property and… if for the Italian gardeners theweedit is just a weed to be eradicated, this same plant is considered sacred by the Hindus.

Gramigna Property

  • Decongestants
  • Depurative
  • Diuretic
  • Refreshing
  • Choleretics

The so-called balsamic time occurs in spring and autumn and theweedrhizomes are used. To take advantage of thediuretic propertiesof the weed you need to prepare a decoction ... let's see how:

Natural diuretics based on grass
Take 30 grams of rhizomes and place them in decoction for 2 minutes in a liter of water. This water, at the end of the decoction, must be eliminated and thrown away! What are used are the rhizomes that must be crushed and boiled again in one and a half liters of water. Let it boil until 500 ml of water evaporates.

Before pouring into the cups, add 10 grams of peeled licorice root and a lemon zest to the decoction of gramigna. To make the most of the diuretic properties of this decoction it is recommended to take three cups a day for a week. The particular preparation with doubledecoctionis necessary to eliminate the harshness of the plant and make the herbal tea more pleasant.

Purifying herbal tea based on gramigna
This curepurifyingit should be performed in autumn and spring, when theweedit is in full balsamic phase. To prepare the herbal tea, make a decoction for 10 minutes of 2 handfuls of rhizomes in a liter of water. To make the herbal tea less sour, perform the double decoction just as seen in the previous recipe. To make the most of thepurifying propertyof this herbal tea, take 2 or 3 cups a day for 15 days.

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