DIY drip irrigation system

DIY drip irrigation system

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DIY drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems have many positive aspects: they allow, first of all, considerable water savings, make automated irrigation more convenient, keep the soil moist constantly and ... keep the vegetable garden in order, especially if it is in balcony or terrace!

The items shown here will allow you to build a do-it-yourself drip irrigation system useful for irrigating the garden in the open field or for plants on the balcony.

What does it take to build aDIY drip irrigation system

  • Programmer control unit (to automate irrigation)
  • Polyethylene tube with cap (the length must be equal to that of your garden)
  • 1/4 inch capillary tube
  • Fittings (the number of fittings must be equivalent to the number of rows to irrigate)
  • Drippers (the number of drippers must be equal to that of the plants to be irrigated)

The programmer is connected to the tap and allows you to automate irrigations. Its use is not "mandatory" but it is strongly recommended to set when and how much to irrigate the garden.

How to build a DIY drip irrigation system

  • Spread the collector hose along the perimeter of the garden you intend to irrigate and cut off the unnecessary length. Close the end of the tube with the special cap from the collector tube.
  • Using a punch, pierce the tube at each deviation (row of plants to be irrigated) that you intend to install. For each hole you make, implant a fitting.
  • Cut a 1/4 inch piece of capillary tube. The length to be obtained must be sufficient to cover the entire length of the row. The capillary tube must reach the pot to be irrigated (or the plant in the ground) starting from the collector tube.
  • Connect the capillary tube to the manifold using the fitting you have already installed on the manifold tube.
  • Connect a dripper to the capillary tube and insert it in the pot (or next to the plant in the ground).
  • Connect the timer / programmer to the tap and fifth the manifold tube to the timer.

If the tap you use for irrigation is also used for other purposes, you should connect the hose to the timer by means of an automatic fitting capable of obtaining two outlets from a single tap. Adjust the timer to your preferred settings.

DIY drip irrigation for pots
On the market there are adjustable "drippers" also called "micro-sprinklers", these allow you to dose the amount of water to be administered through an adjustable nozzle. Very useful for build a drip irrigation system per pot.

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