Choose the new kitchen without regrets

Choose the new kitchen without regrets

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It takes an average of 69 days to choose a new kitchen complete with furniture ed domestic appliances. Only a few minutes to notice mistakes and regret the choice, almost always when it's too late.

What do you regret after mounting the new kitchen? Most of the time, not having provided for a larger refrigerator, a hob with at least one more fire and an oven with advanced functions for cooking even in a sophisticated way. The main regrets concern the choice of appliances, minus that of kitchen furniture.

Research conducted by Norstat & Research Plus on behalf of the appliance manufacturer Whirlpool reveals the mechanisms of the purchase process of built-in kitchens, i.e. those that are assembled in the customer's home complete with furniture and built-in appliances.

Before arriving at the order of one new kitchen more than two months pass, but what is the starting point? For 22 out of 100 of the consumers interviewed (Italians, French, Germans and Poles of different ages and financial resources) the spring is triggered after having spotted a model in a store, for 17 out of 100 from reading a magazine and for 13 out of 100 from a abstract idea in which there is only one color defined, the rest is to be invented.

That's why it tops the most common wish list among those who buy one new kitchen there is help in the design and purchase phases. For the 3D and interactive project it is love at first sight: customers want to be able to manipulate it, even if digitally, by removing and adding the various elements with a click, paper is no longer enough and not even a normal rendering. Great value is given to home counseling.

Once you turn on the light bulb on how you would like it new kitchen the collection of information begins, in fact a virtual pilgrimage in which future customers visit an average of 4.9 physical stores and 4.7 websites before making a decision. That the Web is now part of habits is shown by the fact that 37 consumers out of 100 have used smartphones and tablets in stores not only to take photographs but also to read reviews and information in real time.

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