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Cooling and thermohygrometric comfort

Cooling and thermohygrometric comfort

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Purpose of a plant cooling is to decrease the temperature and humidity by introducing fresh air with controlled humidity. This is because an environment is comfortable only when the temperature, but also the humidity and the speed of the air in circulation are the right ones.

Thermohygrometric well-being is a question of balance: if it is too hot, the humidity is too high or too low or the speed of the air introduced is excessive, there are no conditions of comfort.

Since humidity greatly influences the sensation of heat and cold, an important aspect of cooling is the ability to regulate humidity even in the cold season by mitigating the action of radiators and convectors. It does not follow that the air conditioner is not only used to produce fresh, but also and perhaps above all to correct the humidity in the air.

The right temperature

The cold in the rooms is not good, but the heat can be even worse because it is more difficult to counter. Disorders related to too high a temperature are a greater tendency to both physical and mental fatigue, excessive loss of fluids, poor concentration and headaches.

But be careful not to overdo it. When it is 3-35 ° C outside, the right temperature at home and in the office is around 26 ° C (no more than 5 ° C difference from outside). The solutions to be adopted to reach this value are good thermal insulation of the environment and a good heating system e cooling.

The right humidity

Too dry air causes dry skin, difficulty swallowing and headaches. But also excessive humidity negatively affects the state of well-being of people, who perceive a higher temperature than the actual one, increasing the discomfort of both heat and cold.

A good plant cooling and air conditioning must guarantee a relative humidity value between 30% and 70%, with optimal values ​​between 50% and 60%.

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