Hyundai ix35 hydrogen powered

Hyundai ix35 hydrogen powered

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ThereHyundai ix35 hydrogen poweredit is the result of 14 years of studies and research on nutritionFuel Cellin which hydrogen is associated with a fuel cell system. The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, for its environmental attention, was included in the Top 10 of the annual Sustania100 ranking which reports the 100 sustainable solutions.

ThereHyundai ix35 FCEVrepresents thefourth generationof carsHyundaifed tofuel cells, before talking about the technical specifications of the car, let's see how a fuel cell works?

On board theHyundai ix35 hydrogen powered, the fuel cell is made up entirely of an anode and a cathode; the two poles enclose a polymer membrane which acts as an electrolyte. The process of generating the electric current to power the motor can be described in three phases:

  • Hydrogen, in gaseous form, reaches the anode where it splits into anions and cations, ions that carry negative and positive charges.
  • Only the cations (positively charged ions) can cross the membrane of the electrolyte polymer while the anions (the negative charges) are repelled and transported in an external circuit towards the cathode generating electric current.
  • At the cathode level, electrons and positively charged ions combine with oxygen from the surrounding air to form water vapor (H2O). The water is expelled from the cells as the only waste product.

Hyundai ix35 hydrogen powered, data sheet


  • Power: 136 horsepower
    The fuel cell structure is capable of delivering power comparable to a 100 kW, 136 hp engine
  • Number of hydrogen tanks: 2
  • Total storage capacity of the hydrogen tanks: 5.64 kg, equal to 144 liters.
    The fuel tanks are hidden under the cargo floor without detracting from the cargo area.
  • Autonomy: about 600 km
    The car is able to travel 594 km with only one full tank with emissions limited to water vapor only.
  • Vehicle type: 2WD C-Suv, front-wheel drive
  • Maximum speed: 160 km / h
  • Battery type: 24kW lithium polymer developed in collaboration with LG
  • The car is able to circulate on the road up to a temperature of -20 ° C
  • The electric motor is placed at the front
  • Maximum torque 300 Nm available at 1000 rpm
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 12.5 seconds

Hyundai ix35 hydrogen dimensions

  • Length: 441 cm
  • Width: 182 cm
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Wheelbase: 264 cm


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