Homemade pesticides

Homemade pesticides

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When we talk aboutplant parasiteswe refer to organisms of completely different natures, in fact there are animal, plant, fungal, bacterial, viral, viroidal and phytoplasmic parasites. Thehomemade pesticidesthat we propose in this article constitute anatural remedyto animal parasites such as aphids, scale insects, mites, cabbage ... we will also see ahomemade pesticideto eliminate molds.

Before resorting tohomemade pesticides, it is good to defend the plants from adversity by means of appropriate agronomic interventions: deep plowing before planting, punctual pruning, crop rotations, fertilization ... Furthermore, to defend the plants from parasites it will be necessary to protect them from the cold and pollutants, these factors make the plants weaker.

Do-it-yourself pesticides prove to be much more effective if they are used at the first signs of infestation. It is advisable to control plants and cultivation thus hunting forsymptoms. Many natural pesticides are prepared with infusions, macerates and decoctions.

Homemade pesticides

Natural pesticidesagainst fungal diseases
Thesodium bicarbonate it is a valid alternative to sulfur for the control of fungal diseases. It is used by dissolving a spoonful of baking soda for every liter of water to be sprayed on the soil surrounding the crop.

Pesticidesagainst aphids (plant lice), mites, rust, gray mold and powdery mildew
Garlic acts as a natural repellent against aphids and mites, and also demonstrates a mild effectiveness in treating rust, gray mold and powdery mildew. In this case thehomemade pesticideit takes the name of "vegetable infusion" and is prepared by chopping 8 cloves of garlic and putting them in a liter of water to bring to a boil for 10 minutes. When the infusion is cold it should be sprayed on the affected plants. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the treatment should be repeated once or twice a week until the problem disappears. If you need to treat a potted plant, try burying the chopped garlic near the roots.

Homemade pesticidesagainst aphids, scale insects and snails
Chilli proves to be quite effective: dissolve 2 grams of chilli powder for every liter of water, shake well and sprinkle it on the plants "sick" once a week.

Natural pesticidesagainst plant lice, worms and insects
Neem oil is an extract of the Azadirachta indica nut. It is commonly used in organic farming and is useful in the control of all parasites that feed on the sap or leaves.

Natural pesticidesagainst mites
Nettle boasts infinite beneficial properties and does not fail to be a good fertilizer and a good natural pesticide.

In the photo above, a courgette plant affected by powdery mildew

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