New Toyota Prius + 2015

New Toyota Prius + 2015

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Among the novelties of thehybrid cars for sale in 2015 we report the new oneToyota Prius +relaunched on the market with its ownrestyle My2015. The Prius is available in both a 7-seat (Prius +) and a more compact 5-seat (Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid) version.

Toyota Prius + Price

Price list updates for the new my2015 model have not yet been made official. To date theToyota Priusit is bought for 32,250 euros for the set-upLounge(this is the intermediate version but with complete on-board equipment).

Toyota Prius + 7 seats

ThereToyota Prius 7 seatsarrived in Europe for the first time in 2012. ThePrius +it was the first carfull hybrid7 seats sold on the local market. With 2015 thePrius +is renewed and does so with a series of changes ranging from aesthetics to mechanics.

On the front we see a new grille (typical of the Toyota brand) and new LED headlights with Bi-Beam headlamps: the contrast between the black and the chrome gives the car an "eye-catching" look. Also on the front, the large lower trapezoid of the grille stands out, which stands out with its black metallic paint.

The grille, the headlights, the side headlamps, together with the corners of the bumpers with a three-dimensional arrangement, reinforce the image of the front giving a feeling of "breadth". Always talking about aesthetics, two new colors arrive:Dark Sherry metallicisAttitude Black mica.

There Toyota Prius + 2015it is also renewed on board where the comature is generous and there is no lack of spaciousness and comfort. The center console features double air conditioning vents with a "slim" design. Just above the central tunnel, a 4.2 ″ multi-function display that can be managed directly from the steering wheel is immediately noticed.

Who prefers thetiuchscreenwill be able to choose a 6.1 ″ system with Toyota Touch which, if integrated with theon-board internetso as to have real-time traffic situation, Google Street View and much more.

Toyota Prius Actual consumption
The release of thenew Toyota Prius +is scheduled for January 2015, the car now boasts Euro6 homologation for anti-pollution legislation. Theconsumptionof the new oneToyota Prius 2015 but reading theopinionsof users and observing the road tests, they can report excellentconsumption: with theToyota Prius 7 seats you can easily travel 18 km with a liter when moving in city traffic; it even goes to 21 km traveled per liter on extra-urban roads. Consumption data refer toPrius +first generation with Euro 5 approval.

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