Electric car filling station

Electric car filling station

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While the city of New York increases the number of electric charging stations of another 10,000 units and one throughout the territory of Estonia electric filling station is less than 60 kilometers from the other, in Italy the spread of petrol stations for electric vehicles, it is hard to come by. Failure to disseminate electric columns on national territory discourages motorists from buying aelectric car.

A filling station for electric cars it has the function of delivering the energy to charge the vehicle battery. The user who uses the service will be able to pay for the energy used using special cards or subscription systems. In the United States, payment for the service via smartphone and paypal account has spread. In Italy, many of the petrol stations available, provide for the stipulation of a subscription thanks to which the motorist will be charged the amount of energy used directly on the electricity bill. This type of payment is already implemented in the city of Parma where the holders of electric vehicles they can enter into a sort of contract and have the amount of the top-ups delivered directly to the electricity bill. This was made possible by the charging systems organized in such a way as to simplify the motorist's life regardless of his energy supplier and regardless of the column, whether it is Enel, Hera or Iren.

Even in Italy, motorists could pay for the energy supplied by the filling station by paypal account, this is because the service was not offered by a partnership with a foreign administration but with the manufacturer GE. The solution proposed by PayPal and GE is already active with the electric columns Wattstations of GE. Drivers, through a special application, will be able to obtain information about the prices of each recharge, plus they will be able to identify the charging station nearest.

Others petrol stations for electric cars they are more elaborate and involve the presence of photovoltaic panels or wind turbines. The manufacturer Pvilion He has made electric filling stations which integrate flexible solar panels. The cost of charging station solar energy is estimated at around $ 85,000, a very prohibitive cost! Even in Italy there is one filling station which uses clean energy, was the first in Europe and is available in Latina. All aspiring electric car drivers can scan the charging columns closer through the use of special smartphone applications. Who intends to buy one filling station for electric cars, perhaps for business use, you can contact one of the manufacturers available in the area. The main manufacturer is the aforementioned company GE.

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