Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger to charge the iPhone

Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger to charge the iPhone

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Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger is a charger for iPhone capable of exploiting kinetic energy to produce electricity. L'Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger incorporates a highly efficient generator capable of producing electricity with minimal movement, the result? L'iPhone it can be refilled simply by shaking it! Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger ends the generation of power cables for smartphone.

Currently theInfinity Cell Kinetic Charger is capable of charging the battery of theiPhone just by shaking the device. The development team is working on a version of theInfinity Cell more advanced that would allow you to charge the battery of theiPhone with an even more irritable motion: imagine holding theiPhone in your pocket and walking around, the movement of your legs may be enough to power the battery.

Currently theInfinity Cell Kinetic Charger needs to be "agitated" and is powerful enough to provide enough energy toiPhone to recharge it 20 percent in about 30 minutes by emitting a stable current of 5V. L'Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger it has a 12 V voltage output. A 200-500 mAh current output. It weighs only 130 grams and the dimensions are extremely compact: 122mm x 62mm x 15mm

L'Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger it still goes to the back ofiPhone as a simple cover but will be able to charge the smartphone by movement. Currently the L 'Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger is available for iPhone 4, 4s is 5. The next generation Infinity CEll Kinetica Charger will be developed for Samsung Galaxy and Blackbarry 10.

The first prototypes of theInfinity Cell Kinetic Charger for iPhone they can be purchased through the Kickstarter campaign, launched by the developers to raise the necessary funds to start production of the device on a large scale.

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