Strategies to reduce consumption

Strategies to reduce consumption

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There are many strategies that allow us to reduce consumption. The first step to take for reduce consumption consists in the elimination of all waste. We don't always realize it but our daily activities are full of waste, there is waste consumption which could easily be avoided.

How to reduce consumption, home life
We will divide the consumption domestic in four different compartments:
-the kitchen, characterized by consumption and food waste
- electricity, where i consumption are given by the inappropriate use of household appliances
-the heating, here i consumption they are given by too energy-intensive systems and bad habits
- water, also in this case i consumption they relate to both inadequate taps and bad habits

For reduce consumption in the kitchen it is appropriate to carry out less wild shopping. Abandon the idea of ​​stocks and ignore the "three for two" offers. Do you really need three packs of napkins or could you use one more sparingly or, could you use the cloth ones and only wash with a full load and cold water? In this article all the tips to reduce waste in the kitchen. Look at your habits without abandoning the critical eye!

The speech changes a lot when it comes to consumption electrical. Many people underestimate the importance of the electrical label and end up buying obsolete and energy-consuming equipment only because it is cheap, without considering that they will then be paid for life on the bill. Furthermore, the equipment in standby (even the TV when the red LED is active) consume a lot of energy. The use of the "multi-plug power strip" with the "on / off" button allows you to reduce consumption electric per year of 80 euros! Even the oven, refrigerator and washing machine can help you in the work of reduction of consumption: all instructions at this address.

For reduce consumption on heating, it would be enough to carry out maintenance / renovation works on walls and fixtures, or retouch daily habits: avoid unnecessary air changes, just adjust the temperature to about 16-19 degrees. Learn how to use a sweater at home and follow the other tips in this article.

Always talking about domestic consumption, a very demanding environment is the bathroom. It's possible reduce consumption with the careful use of the water heater and the more conscious use of water resources. In this article we recommend 12 ways to save water at home.

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