How to choose the electric water heater

How to choose the electric water heater

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The electric water heater it is certainly not ideal for heating water at home, but if there is no alternative, it is good to follow some precautions to use it at its best! In the article we will illustrate how to choose the electric water heater to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

How to choose the electric water heater, the alternative
The ideal would be to choose one methane water heater or better with a solar thermal system that allows you to heat the water using solar energy. Therefore before buying one water heater evaluate well on which type to orient yourself.

How to choose the electric water heater, directions
Is the electric water heater the only solution available? Then choose a model of adequate size to the real needs of your family. So it is useful to know that a couple consumes about 60 liters of water per day, which can become 180-200 for a family of 4 to 6 people.
Another consideration to make when choosing is to opt for electric water heaters highenergy efficiency, at least to limit energy expenditure. Among the new models we find those that work thanks to a heat pump powered by electricity: they have an energy saving of about 70%.
Here are some models on the market: Nuos Evo Della Ariston, the Termox by Tekno Point Italia or the Futura produced by the Like brand. Another noteworthy model is Thermal Technology's Carbon Boiler, with a particularly large heating surface that guarantees particularly efficient performance.

How to choose the electric water heateror, where to install it
The strategic location of the water heater can help you save on your bill. Therefore it is good to place it close to the systems it will need to serve: in this way it will be possible to limit the loss of heat during the path of hot water in the pipes.
It might be a good idea to place a second water heater smaller in correspondence of the sink in the kitchen to be used for washing dishes.

Useful hints: avoid placing it electric water heater near a window or on a very cold or damp wall. With a view to saving energy, it is a good idea to carefully adjust the thermostat of the electric water heater, place it at a temperature of 55-60 degrees in the winter months and 40 in the summer.

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