Stop to Biogas by the Constitutional Court

Stop to Biogas by the Constitutional Court

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There Constitutional Court, with sentence n.93 of 20 May 2013, declared unconstitutional the fundamental part of the Marche Regional Law 3/12 which excluded the biogas plants from the Verification procedure of Subjection to Environmental Impact Assessment.

This sentence reinforces the positions of those who have so far always spoken out against biogas plants, such as the Terre Nostre Committee which has always judged the unbridled proliferation of biogas and biomass plants as harmful to agriculture, health and the economy of the area.

Clearly different is the position of those who do biogas plants produces them, like the company Greenway, which we had covered in the past, on the occasion of our article on Bertiolo biogas plant, in the province of Udine.

One of the main "indictments" against the power plants a biogas consists in the risk that farmers are pushed by the incentive system in force in our country to convert their production "from food to energy agriculture" instead of creating a plant to dispose of agricultural waste and animal waste produced on the same farm . This thesis is for example endorsed by prof. Giovanni Carrosio, professor of Sociology of the territory at the University of Padua.

Dario Frisio, dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of the State of Milan, has also spoken out in the past against the system of incentives in support of biogas, declaring that thanks to the incentives farmers can << sell all their corn production in bulk, withholding the single company premium granted by the CAP and earning with the remuneration contract of the biogas>>.

However, the same professor had recognized the possible usefulness of biogas plants that a different legislation could guarantee, providing that the elimination of the incentives would, however, reduce the number of biogas plants present in Italy from over 500 to a few dozen.

The online Encyclopedia Wikipedia dedicates to biogas a paragraph to list its advantages and triple the space to list its disadvantages.

In short, the debate on biogas continues and we at IdeeGreen will continue to give voice to the different positions, allowing our users to have a free and documented opinion on the subject.

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