Hybrid cars of the future

Hybrid cars of the future

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Today's concepts represent the cars of the future. The future closest to the transport sector sees cars as protagonists hybrid and electric. Today we focus on what will be the hybrid of the future.

In future technology hybrid it will not see electric and thermal traction as the only combination. Petrol engines can also be joined by hydrogen power supplies. This combination has already been seen on the road but in future we expect it to be more frequent. Between hybrid cars More performing "hydrogen / petrol", we point out the Aston Martin Rapide S which is equipped with a 6.0 liter V12 engine, double turbo capable of being fueled by petrol and hydrogen, with the "Pure hydrogen" mode from the exhaust pipe the only waste gas is water vapor.

In future closer the roads of America will be able to count on the Subaru hybrid crossover, the XV Crosstrek Hybrid model which will be marketed between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. We do not know when the crossover will arrive in the old continent, but we know its consumption: 14 km with only one liter, not bad for a car of its size!

Always in an upcoming future we will see the commercialization of hybrid McLaren P1, cars so powerful they can reach 350 km / h. The vehicle is a plug-in hybrid using a 12C 3.8 V8 Twin Turbo engine mated to a very powerful electric motor which leads to a combined power of 916 horsepower and 900 Nm of maximum torque (662 Nm of torque). The automaker will only produce 375 models.

The Wokswagen reserves us for the future a'hybrid with exceptional performance, the XL1, for its production, the German house used the same technology used in the Porsche and Ferrari factories. The hybrid technology of the XL1 combines a common rail TDI turbodiesel engine with an electric motor.

Between the cars futuristic hybrids that we will probably never see on the road, there is the Fiat 900 Lussino concept car. The hybrid powertrain is given by the combination of a electric motor and a thermal one both associated with the Multiair system to further optimize fuel consumption. For what concern heat engine, it would be a 900 cc T1.4 with 130 hp and two cylinders.

Another extremely beautiful concept car was presented by Kia Motors. This is the Kia Provo and we can't wait to see it on the road!

The hybrid of the future more affordable prices involve the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. Nissan announced that in the future next will launch 15 new models hybrids. The market launch of this new line of cars hybrid is expected within the next 3 years.

Going back to talking about crossover and SUVs, let's stay in Japan with the Honda and its Urban SUV which should debut on the market next 2014. The Honda SUV is about 23 cm less than the Honda CR-V model and the curved shapes can almost be compared to those of a coupe. The traction hybrid guarantees maximum fuel economy.

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