Photovoltaic, the investor platform

Photovoltaic, the investor platform

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If you are a investor or are you on the hunt for investors for the sector of photovoltaic this is the right time. Investments in Europe are estimated at € 117 billion, a figure that is set to double in the coming years, therefore, investors or funding hunters will find fertile ground.

A platform that combines supply and demand in the sector is spreading on the web photovoltaic. The platform offers sections tailored to every need.

Looking for investors in photovoltaics?
Are you a designer, an engineer and would you like to develop and market your projects? Access to your data and your projects will be allowed only to investors with a concrete interest in purchasing.

You are a investor who wants to operate in photovoltaic?
Whether you are looking for photovoltaic systems already installed or if you are interested in new projects or systems under construction, the solution is just a click away. The investors they can compare different projects and, obviously, before proceeding, make the necessary profit evaluation.

Are you a plant owner?
You're on the hunt for investors who can buy your photovoltaic system? You can avoid intermediaries and sales agents by accessing the European platform dedicated to the world of photovoltaic.

Are you an owner of a large roof or sunny plot?
Landowners can use the land for agriculture or, alternatively, if the geographic area is characterized by good solar radiation, they can decide to increase economic income by renting the unused area. Those who want to use their roof or land to install solar panels can do so by looking investors interested in renting the surface or acting independently in favor of the environment.

By entering all the information (type of project, surface and solar radiation ...) it will be possible to evaluate a series of offers so as to choose the most advantageous. In the event of an assignment of the building rights, additional annual income is generated without obligations, risks or costs.

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