Aphids on citrus fruits

Aphids on citrus fruits

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The aphids can cause great damage to plants citrus fruits. The aphids are commonly called "plant lice“, Have a size that oscillates between 1,5 and 3 mm and there are many species of aphids that multiply at the expense of citrus fruits. Damage caused by aphids to the plants of citrus fruits are dictated to the subtraction of lymph (gli aphids are sucking insects) and to the inoculation of salivary solution in both leaves and buds.

The aphids they begin their activity with increasing temperatures which usually coincides with the spring period. The aphids they multiply very quickly so they are very difficult to manage. The aphids typical of plants of citrus fruits there are three: the cotton aphid, the brown citrus aphid and the green citrus aphid. The citrus fruits attacked are mainly Mandarin, Clementine and Orange.

The most popular solution for drive away aphids consists in the use of specific and selective chemicals such as aficidi. The aficidi must be sprayed on the surface of the plant. A natural aficide, on the other hand, is the ladybug, so be careful not to make a late use of the aficida which would also damage the ladybugs. To keep away the aphids it will be necessary to keep away the ants too: the ants feed on the substances secreted by the aphids and protect them, keeping away the ants and facilitating the arrival of some hymenoptera, chrysopters, ladybugs and hoverfly larvae (all natural enemies of aphids), the budget for the citrus fruits it could become positive.

Chemical treatment is the most efficient even though it can be quite expensive. It is advisable to purchase specific and non-broad spectrum products. Generally, the active ingredient of the aficides is rapidly degradable therefore the chemical substance will degrade in the environment in a short time, losing its effectiveness. It is not recommended to repeat the same chemical treatment over and over again.

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