Growing zucchini, the guide

Growing zucchini, the guide

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Grow zucchini, a practical guide to complete thecultivation of zucchiniin pots or in the garden. Sowing, planting and care to devote to plants. How to fight zucchini diseases.

With the sun up, it's a pleasure grow zucchiniin the garden or on the balcony. There are several varieties of zucchini, based on that choice we can have an early or late harvest and we can harvest zucchini yellow, dark green or light green.

Grow the zucchini:the needs of plants

The zucchini plants they prefer a soil tending to acid, with an optimal pH between 5.8 and 6.8. The plants must be exposed in full sun and the soil must be fertile and compact.

For the cultivation of zucchini in the vegetable garden

To prepare the soil, you can fertilize with organic fertilizer. In organic farming, very mature manure is used to be buried with a deep dig.

The zucchini they must be grown in parallel rows with a distance of 60 cm from each other. Each plant, placed on the same row, must be about 3 feet away from the other.

For the cultivation of zucchini in pots

Whoever wishes grow zucchini in pots, he can choose containers at least 45-50 cm wide. Choose universal fertile ground. The depth of the pot must be at least 45 cm. For thecultivation in potsyou can also choose itclimbing courgetteas long as you cultivate near a railing.

Watering of zucchini

The zucchini they need a lot of water. To prevent any rot, at the time of irrigation, avoid wetting the leaves or fruit. If you are unsure of the quality of your soil, a couple of days after planting, you can fertilize it with liquid or granular fertilizer, even better if nitrogen-based: nitrogen-based granular fertilizer is even more. economical and fits well with all types of cultivation!

When grow zucchini

If you are going to grow zucchini starting from the seed, you can start sprouting the seeds from early May by sowing directly in the open field. The seeds take 5 to 10 days to germinate, at an optimal temperature between 18 and 28 ° C. To save yourself some waiting, you can start grow zucchini starting from the plants or sowing in a protected environment.

The zucchini I am very sensitive to frosts so according to your geographical position, choose the ideal period for planting: every risk of late frost must have passed.

Zucchini prefer a warm, temperate climate with good ventilation. The optimum temperature for development is between 20-28 ° C.

When and how to sow zucchini

To anticipate the issues, you can sow zucchini in a protected environment or in a greenhouse, as early as March.

For the sowing of zucchini in a protected environment, use pots with a diameter of 10 cm placing two seeds per pot. With the warmer climate typical of southern Italy, sowing can be done directly on the ground, in holes 5-7 cm deep, one meter away from each other, along rows one meter apart. Place 2 seeds per hole but remember to wait for the end of the frosts.

Diseases of zucchini:how to care for zucchini plants

Zucchini are not immune to disease. They are easier to infest when grown in confined spaces or areas with abundant vegetation. To minimize the risk of disease, you can space the plants appropriately, ventilate the area and mulch with straw.

Zucchini can be attacked by various parasites and pathogens, the most common being: mites, aphids, powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold and sclerotinia.

In the case of aphids and mites, we recommend pyrethrum-based products, perfect for the organic garden and for growing in pots.

In case of gray mold, reduce watering, thin out the vegetation and immediately eliminate residues. For thecultivation of zucchini in pots, move the plants to a sunnier place.

Cultivation of zucchini:mulching

It is not recommended mulching zucchini with plastic sheeting (even if organic) because they tend toscaldthe base of the plants. Plastic tends to overheat and can damage fruits and plants. You can mulch with plenty of straw to be placed on the ground. The fruits, developing on the plant, will avoid coming into contact with the ground so as to reduce the risk of rot. Mulching is always recommended but not that useful if you are growing climbing zucchini.

Varieties of zucchini:which one to choose

The varieties of zucchini climbing plants, they will need support whether grown in pots or in the garden. Climbing varieties are particularly suitable for cultivation on the terrace if there is a railing or a wall exposed in full sun, you can use it to organize a series of supports.

Grow yellow courgette

Whether in a pot or in the open field, you cangrow yellow zucchini. Yellow courgettes are nice to bring to the table. The flavor is almost identical to that of classic green zucchini, but the skin is thinner as well as of a different color.

The seeds of yellow zucchini can be purchased at agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of the online purchase.

Useful link from Amazon: yellow courgette seed.

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