Homogenized fruit purees

Homogenized fruit purees

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Why not feed your baby with homemade baby food rather than buying them at the supermarket? Homogenized fruit purees they are a guarantee of quality and origin, since they are prepared with healthy and genuine ingredients.

Homogenized fruit purees, the necessary
To homogenize the fruit we need:
the homogenizer
fruit: apples and pears are the most suitable fruits for homemade baby food
the jars for storage
a lemon.

Useful information: when buying fruit it is preferable to choose organic ones as they do not contain pesticides. Better still if they come from zero km organic farming.

Homogenized fruit purees, the preparation

  1. Carefully wash the chosen fruit
  2. Remove the peel and cut into pieces that are not too large
  3. Introduce the pieces of fruit into the homogenizer and add a little water: it is used like a normal blender
  4. Add a few drops of lemon to the smoothie to prevent it from blackening due to oxidation: it is preferable if you decide to prepare the smoothie well in advance or if you decide to keep the baby food

It is possible to prepare baby food with multiple types of fruit at the same time

Homogenized baby food, vegetables
In the same way, the homogenized of vegetables: just cook the selected vegetables for about an hour in a liter of water, drain them, taking care to collect the broth in a container. Then mix using some of the broth set aside.

Homogenized fruit purees, conservation
After preparing the baby food, they can be stored in an airtight container and placed in the refrigerator, but must be consumed within 24 hours.
In case of need, it is also possible to keep the homogenized and then defrost them at the time of use but first it is good to seek advice from the pediatrician to decide which of them should be frozen and which not.

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