Primula, meaning in the language of flowers

Primula, meaning in the language of flowers

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Themeaningof theprimrosein the language of flowers. All information about the primrose.

Primula is a genus of plants that includes about 500 species. The plants belong to the Primulaceae family.

On this page we will analyze themeaning of this flowerstarting from the name up to the legends.

Primula, the meaning of the name

Themeaning of the name of a flowertells us a lot about its history. The nameprimrose it comes from the Latin Primus to indicate that it is an early flowering plant. The name not only gives us information on the botanical characteristics but also on the legend. The Primula, in fact, is thebeforeplant to protect the earth from the sun, sent by Apollo. The plant that definitively puts an end to winter.

Primula, history and legend of its meaning

Legend has it that thefirst Primulashe was sent by Apollo, son of Zeus, to defeat the frost and protect the Earth.

According to legend, the Sun sent a first to earthMagic primrose to tame the cold of winter that had enclosed spring under a large blanket of ice. Winter, in those days, predominated over the other seasons.

To request the interventionmagicalwere the animals of the woods. It is no coincidence that the primrose, in nature, grows spontaneously in grassy and wooded places such as deciduous forests (beech, oak and hornbeam) and lean meadows but always in partial shade areas.

From that moment on, the frost had to respect the cycle of the seasons and, every year, it was thePrimrose. That is why it is said that theprimrosesannounce the arrival of spring!

Another legend tells that St. Peter threw the keys to heaven from heaven and, at the point where the keys hit the ground, the first plants ofPrimrose. Thanks to this legend, in England theprimrosesthey are known by the namebunch of keys or pile of keywhich means “bunch of keys”.

Primula, meaning of the flower

The primrose, thanks to its legend, has become the symbolic flower of spring. Thus it represents the spring of life: youth.

The primrose is a flower that grows spontaneously to announce the rebirth of nature. The victory of thegood over evil,the arrival of a new prosperity. It is the bearer of sun and abundance.

Who to give a primrose to

For what it symbolizes, inlanguage of flowers, theprimrosehe gives himself as a gift to wish every good, especially to those who are in the prime of their youth. This plant is easycultivation, if you intend to give it as a gift, remember to explain to those who receive it, what are the treatments to dedicate to it. For all information, please refer to the page:how to grow primrose.

Books on the meaning of flowers

The primrose is not the only flower to hide a profound meaning. If you are passionate about thelanguage of flowersand you always want to give the right gift, a manual could be for you.

There are many books on the market onmeaning of flowersand, among many, we have decided to recommend the one from the Giunti publishing house. The reason? For each flower there are cards with many curiosities so as to make you goats that every single flower hides its history, its legend and its meaning.

On Amazon, the book "The language of flowers, dictionary of names and meanings”Is bought with 8.42 euros and free shipping costs. To read the introduction of the book or for other information, please refer to the page:Language of Flowers.

The book collects themeaningof over 300 flowers with legends, meaning of the name and in the language of flowers.

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