Peppers cultivation

Peppers cultivation

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Pepper cultivation: instructions from planting to harvest. The care to be devoted to the plants and how to grow peppers in pots or in the garden.

Thesweet pepper it is a vegetable that with bright and cheerful colors can give a lot of flavor to many dishes. In the kitchen, it lends itself to preparations ranging from appetizers to first courses, obviously without neglecting side dishes, main courses and full courses (stuffed pepper!). After this premise, it is logical that everyone wants to try their hand atpepper cultivation!

Cultivation of peppers in the garden

There cultivation of peppers it's not very complicated, just follow our guidelines to be able to growing pepper in your own garden or ... even in pots!

There cultivation of peppers it can start from the sowing or planting of already developed seedlings. Let's see how peppers are grown and what are the needs of this plant. Let's start fromcultivation of peppers in the vegetable garden.

Before sowing or planting, work the soil!

Before proceeding to sowing or planting the peppers the ground must be prepared.

It must be well worked, permeable and preferably fertilized with natural manure or ammonium sulphate. The processing is done with a deep digging.

If you intend to bury manure, digging and subsequent fertilization of the soil must be done a few months before sowing or planting.

If you use a chemical fertilizer such as ammonium sulphate, you can work the soil a few days before sowing or planting peppers.

Peppers cultivation: sowing

Sowing is an indispensable operation, both if you intendgrow peppers in potsthan in the open field.

To proceed with the sowing just bury the pepper seeds to a depth of 1-2 cm and cover with a very light layer of soil. The soil must be well worked or you can sow in a protected environment using cellular containers and soft soil for sowing.

Germination will take place within 3-4 weeks.

After about 8-10 weeks, the pepper plants will be ready for planting. After this period, the plants will have reached a height of 15-20 cm, which means they are ready to be transplant.

If the garden is located in a central-northern area, it is preferable to sow in a protected environment, perhaps using honeycomb containers. When sowing is done in the open ground, it is possiblesow in rows already respecting the sixth system that we will see later.

When to transplant peppers? To understand if the plant is ready to be transplanted, simply check that there are at least 5 leaves per plant.

When to sow peppers?The period of sowing of peppers varies a lot both according to the climatic trend and the cultivation area. The pepper planting calendar sees:

  • Sowing in cellular containers or in pots between January and February
  • March / April, even outdoors but only in the south
  • May / June, sowing outdoors in the center-north

Thesweet pepper it is a vegetable suitable for mild climates; the temperatures for its growth must never fall below 16-18 ° (night temperatures) with ideal temperatures of 25-28 ° during the day.

Peppers: cultivation and care

The seedlings of peppers they are to be planted by spacing them by about 50-60 cm and placing them in rows about 40-45 cm apart. This is theplant layout recommended to prevent plants from being more exposed to parasitic attacks and diseases.

THE peppers to grow they need water, but in the right quantities, without exaggerating.

Why i sweet peppers don't they grow or are they spicy? In case of little water, the fruits will remain small and their taste will tend to spicy or worse bitter, despite the variety being that of sweet pepper. For this reason it is good to make sure that the seedlings always have moist soil, but without stagnation of water.

Among the others careto be dedicated tocultivation of peppersit is weeding. Weeds must be eliminated gradually. It is necessary to remove the weeds that fill the areas around the plant, so frequent hoeing is indispensable.

When to harvest peppers?

The harvest, generally from June to October, occurs when fully ripe, this can be ascertained by checking the color and consistency.

Friggitelli peppers: cultivation

Sweet pepper varieties include ifriggiatelli peppers, also known asriver peppers, river peppers, or sweet green peppers.To grow friggitelli peppers just follow the same rules seen forcultivation of peppers.

Friggiatelli peppers are more suitable for growing in pots. The plants, in fact, very branched, are able to offer abundant harvests.

The rules of the harvest change. THEfriggiatelli peppersthey are small in size: they grow up to 6 - 12 cm. They are collected and cooked when they are not fully ripe, when the color is deep green.

For thecultivation of peppers in pots, we refer you to the guide: how to grow peppers in pots.

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