Do it yourself: Natural air fresheners

Do it yourself: Natural air fresheners

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It's possible deodorize the environment using particular essences offered directly by Nature. The simplest way to create "natural room fragrances”Consists in the preparation of a potpourri. A potpourri is a composition made with dried flower petals and essential oils, this mixture is placed in boxes, trays, marble containers or simple fabric bags. Potpourri are very easy to make and lend themselves well to deodorize closed environments even of small dimensions such as drawers and wardrobes.

The fragrances most used for deodorize a room so natural are those given by plant varieties such as cedar, cinnamon, clove, allspice, lemon, marjoram, mint, orange, fennel, jujube, juniper, the famous lavender, lemon balm, reseda, rose, rosemary and mugwort.

Gods "fragrances for natural environments " they can be prepared in an even simpler way: while with potpourri it is necessary to wait to allow the flowers to dry, with essential oils preparation becomes immediate.

In a bag you can add equal parts of coarse salt and baking soda. Wet the bag with some aromatic extracts of your choice (essential oil of pine, ginkgo biloba ...) and without waiting for it to dry, fill it with the white mixture of salt and bicarbonate. This perfumer, so prepared, it is perfect for deodorize in a natural way the passenger compartment of the car, place it near the air vent and enjoy the freshness of the essence of pine!

Synthetic deodorants can trigger asthma attacks, allergies and other breathing problems, which is why we recommend that you choose more alternatives sustainable and friends of the environment. If you have an old bottle of car or air freshener, you can use it and fill it with a solution of water and essential oils. The right proportions provide for a dilution of a maximum of 10 drops of essential oil for every 250 ml of water. For more intense fragrances, just dilute 5 drops!

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