Touring Bike, which one to choose?

Touring Bike, which one to choose?

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Whichtouring bikesshould i choose? If you go to a local dealer you will noticebicyclesproposals at the most varied prices, from a budget that falls within the 200 euros to go beyond the 2000 euros for the highest-end mountain bikes. Sure, most ofbikeit will belong to a price range between 500 and 600 euros but when it comes totouring bikethe price for a good product goes (unfortunately) around 1,000 euros, indeed, those who want onetouring bikesable to handle any type of soil, the price will be around 2,000 euros.

When you intend to buy onebicycle for cycle tourism you need to have some points in mind so as to make the most rational choice possible. Let's see together what are the criteria to consider:

  • The tours you intend to take, what type of road surface do they have? Dirt terrain? Paved…? In short, do you need an "off-road vehicle" or a city bike?
  • The load you intend to carry (panniers, front backpack, trailer ...)
  • What type of handlebar you intend to use
  • The dimensions of the wheels
  • Other means of transport (yourstouringbike will have to get on planes, buses or trains?)
  • The reliability of the components and their type
  • The duration of the routes (how long you intend to cycle each day)

Another criterion of choice is certainly the price. In our photo gallery you will find models oftouring bikeshigh quality but we have included some mid-range models.

Don't be frightened by the prices, in the large number of cases, thebikeyou already have in the garage might be fine. If you are planning a weekend out on your bike and don't need to load too much, your bike will most likely do just fine. When planning a bike trip, before the real departure, do some little experiments by moving just outside the city. How do you find yoursbike?

It is true, the market offers numerousbike for touring, dedicated tocycle tourism, we speak of “bike fortour expedition "until tofolding bikesto travel by train… As often happens, the market never stops speculating on new trends and the cycle tourismit is none other than one of these. So, before buying onetouring bikeslight and with frame and wheels suitable for all types of soil, try your old onebike making changes to yours touring. What are the changes?

Certainly you will have to change the seat by purchasing a more comfortable one, perhaps in gel and add some light and ad hoc accessories.

In the photo above, the German TX-800 SHIMANO DEORE XT 30-GANG. From the 2013 catalog, approximately 1,500 euros.

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