Systems (curious) to recharge the phone

Since energy is no longer a neglected problem, there has been a real rush to invent systems to produce it even in small quantities, even just enough to recharge the mobile phone or power a small household appliance. And who knows that one day from daring experiments and prototypes that make the news, something concrete will not really arise, and that from the 'journalistic scoop' we do not pass to the invention that changes history. Speaking of scoops, or little scoops, which however go around the planet, the latest is that of mobile phone that is recharged with pee. Yes you got it right, with pee.

To experience it smartphone (advanced version of the mobile phone) which is recharged with pee were the British scientists of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and of the West of England University, who have done nothing but exploit the state of the art of studies on a technology that has long been the subject of in-depth attention, that of energy production starting from organic matter. And isn't pee an organic matter always (almost) and economically available?

Then just go to the bathroom for recharge your smartphone with pee, ignoring for the moment how and about the necessary equipment (we assume complex) and the possible evolutions, but imagining that this could also be a way to stop having our mobile phones stolen, more and more organic part of our body. For now with theelectricity produced by pee (we do not know the amount) the researchers managed to recharge the batteries of one smartphone Samsung as much as to send some text messages, surf the internet for a while and make a short phone call. A start.

Another very recent system invented for recharge the mobile phone is that of SolePower, a shoe sole (pictured) that uses walking motion to produce enough energy a recharge the mobile phone mobile phone, an Mp3 or a navigator. SolePower it was designed to be a removable device, so there is no need to incorporate it into the shoe, and will be released in the coming months. To fully charge an iPhone you need a 5km walk or alternatively a 2.5km trek, which makes for SolePower an excellent system for sport and leisure more than for those who go to the office. There are over 6 billion mobile phones in the world, do the math ...

Other curious discoveries for recharge the mobile phone and generate small amounts of energy? There is the fabric that generates energy, there are the solar concentrators studied by ENI (which actually go a little beyond mobile phone recharge), there is the Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger and there is the ingenious Window Socket. Waiting for the next (curious) inventions ...

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