Meganews: the newsstand that prints newspapers and magazines on demand

Meganews: the newsstand that prints newspapers and magazines on demand

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Is called Meganews and the kiosk arrives from Sweden where you can print your favorite newspaper at the moment. Meganews is a self-service vending machine which, connected to the Internet, allows you to choose from over 200 magazines and newspapers (but there can be even more) and in just two minutes produces the paper format on request. Imagine a newsstand where there are no more magazines and newspapers displayed on the counter, but a machine that prints them at the moment.

Print on demand, precisely: Meganews is the solution with which publishers can reduce distribution and logistics costs by completely changing the way in which their products reach the reading public. The print kiosk also minimizes the environmental impact: no more waste of paper (print only what is needed and that the reader has paid for) and stop transport (polluting).

What do you need for the print on demand of newspapers and magazines? Technology. The one for printing was supplied by Ricoh while the Sweco company developed the software, the terminal used for payment by credit card and screens. The newsstand project Meganews instead, it is from the industrial design company LA + B. The rest is done by the Internet, which the publishing world has really upset in all respects.

Meganews is an idea of ​​the Swedish television journalist Lars Adaktusson and his brother Hans. Together the two founded the company Mega News Sweden, which among other things commissioned a study from the research institute Innventia which resulted in an interesting thing: the CO₂ emissions generated during the life cycle of a magazine produced at a kiosk Meganews they are 60% lower than a traditionally printed and distributed magazine. The explanation is simple: 40% of traditionally produced newspapers remain unsold and must be returned and recycled.

The Swedish publishers participating in the Meganews they are already numerous: Bonnier Tidskrifter, Aller Media, Albinson & Sjöberg, LRF Media, IDG, Talentum and Medströms. In the next six months, the kiosk will be checked in places with high traffic, starting from airports, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers and supermarkets.

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