How to cut pineapple

How to cut pineapple

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How to cut pineapple sliced, in wedges, in boat or perfectly round slices. Photos and instructions onhow to cut pineapple.

L'pineapple it is a fruit that is widely consumed and appreciated for its properties, it is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and an enzyme that promotes digestion, bromelain. L'pineapple it is a fruit that can be served in many ways, the recipes are varied. In this regard we will see today how to cut pineapple, following simple instructions.

How to recognize ripe pineapple

At the time of purchase of the academic yearnanas make sure that the color of the leaves is bright green and the rind of a uniform yellow-orange hue with slight greenish hues. A rind that is too green indicates insufficient ripening, while dark spots indicate excessive ripening. To verify the right ripeness it is enough to remove a leaf from the central part, if it comes off without too much effort it means that the ripening is perfect.

How to cut pineapple into slices

L'pineapple it can be cut in various ways, from classic washers to more elaborate shapes. To cut the fruit in the easiest and fastest way, just cut it into slices, so as to obtain acut pineapplein wedges.

Here is the procedure forcut the pineapple into slices.

  1. Rinse and dry the pineapple then cut it into 4 wedges without removing the peel and leaves
  2. Remove the core part from each clove, making a cut from the end towards the leaves.
  3. Pass the blade of the knife between the pulp and the zest, along the entire length until they are completely divided.
  4. Cut into slices, leaving them resting on the rind.
  5. Pour the slices on a tray, sprinkle lemon and sugar over them

If you are not satisfied with sliced ​​pineapple, you can cut it into slices, just like you see it served in a restaurant.

How to cut pineapple into slices

One of the most classic cuts of pineapple is the sliced ​​one. To get perfect round slices, you will need a special tool. For the sake of completeness, we provide you with instructions for cutting the pineapple into slices with the classic knife or with a special tool that you can also buy on Amazon.

How to cut pineapple into round slices with a knife

Here are the instructions:

  1. Place thepineapple horizontally on the cutting board and remove the base and the tuft of leaves with the help of a knife.
  2. Grab thepineapple vertically and with a large knife, remove the zest all around.
  3. After cleaning thepineapple, remove the small parts of the rind with the tip of the knife.
  4. Cut into slices one centimeter thick and remove the core in the center.
  5. Serve in a tray and garnish as you like, you can add ice cream, sugar, lemon juice or… liqueur.

Tip: Serve the pineapple sprinkled with a little sugar and flavored with a few drops of "Strega" liqueur or anise.

How to cut pineapple into round slices with the tool

For cut the pineapple welland obtainslicesround and perfect, a specific tool must be used. Nothing sophisticated, it is a tool that, at the same time, serves to eliminate the central "core". It is equipped with a sort of knife which, instead of the blade, has an empty cylinder that is sunk into the center of the pineapple. With rotating movements, this tool will return you practically perfect circular pineapple slices.

This equipment is not difficult to find in stores that specialize in kitchen items. It can also be found on Amazon, there are different models at the most disparate prices.

Among the various products, we would like to point out one with a good value for money and above all that has many positive reviews from users who have tried it. The product in question can be bought at a price of 10.99 euros and you can find all the information (photos, reviews, info ..) at "this address".

An idea?
The empty pineapple wrapper can be used as a "container" to serve a delicious fruit salad!

How to cut pineapple into a boat

Do you prefer a more dramatic cut? Here is the boat cut procedure, perfect for a chic dinner:

  1. Take the pineapple with the whole tuft, and divide it into four equal parts.
  2. Eliminate the final part and engrave the central one without removing it.
  3. Take a knife to separate the pulp from the peel, which will then become the pineapple tray.
  4. Cut the pulp into slices about 1 centimeter wide and arrange them on the peel in an out of phase manner, taking on the appearance of a rowboat.

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