SUN is the world's fair in the open air

SUN is the world's fair in the open air

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GARDEN Sun is the exhibition path that combines the world of international design with that of horticultural excellence. SUN, the International Exhibition of the Exterior, has been a point of reference for over thirty years in the design, furniture and accessories sector for the Outdoor universe. The two events will be protagonists at Rimini Fiera, from 6 to 8 October 2013.

A green that becomes more and more part of architecture and increasingly a matter of study, design and commercial, aesthetic, stylistic, urban and functional proposal. Between SUN is GARDEN Sun 1000 brands on display are expected distributed in 10 pavilions expected at least 25 thousand professional visitors in the 7 exhibition paths: OUT_style, GARDEN Sun, SUN_contract, SEA_style, URBAN_style, SUNAQUAE and OUT_floor.

On the same days in September, Rimini Fiera will take place GIOSUN, 28th International Toy and Outdoor Games Exhibition e CAMPING & VILLAGE SHOW, now in its fifth edition, the largest and most important Italian B2B event for campsites and tourist villages. CAMPING & VILLAGE SHOW is created with the patronage of the Mondo del Campeggio Association.

The program of the three days in Rimini SUN, GIOSUN, CAMPING & VILLAGE SHOW includes several events, including the training seminar How to find customers for camping with social media marketing which aims to guide outdoor tour operators in the world of social networks. And again, the fifth edition of the 'New Gardens for the City Life' international workshop dedicated to landscape for tourism 2.0.

For the SUN and GARDEN Sun program click here

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