Automatic irrigation for indoor plants

To provide forirrigation of the indoor plants you can use the classic watering can or use particular pots that integrate a system of automatic irrigation.

Who has been taking care of indoor plants, he knows that any type of vegetation does not like water stagnation, so when water is added to the plants we must not exceed, rather we must limit ourselves to providing enough water to darken the soil: the water must not accumulate but only wet the soil consistently.

In view of a holiday or to avoid watering the plants manually, we can make use of special systems irrigation completely automatic. Those who do not want to install timers and hide tubes in the railing can irrigate indoor plants using intelligent vessels that detect the quality of the soil and release a certain amount of water if necessary.

In this context, the landlord will have to limit himself to filling the tank in the second bottom of the vessel with water. According to the capacity of the tank and the needs of the plant, this must be filled twice a week, a month or even a quarter. The landlord can also add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to the distilled water in order to minimize the maintenance work required by indoor plants.

Among the various vases with irrigation integrated, we point out those with the Lechuza brand (some models are shown in the photo above). The line of vases with the irrigation integrated come with an attractive design and the most varied shapes and colors. To describe the system of irrigation automatic for indoor plants, suffice it to say that each pot houses (in addition to the plant) a tank with a dividing base, water pipe and level indicator.

Video: AUTOGARDNER HOME DRIP IRRIGATION LINE INSTALLATION Automatic Plants Watering Timer (January 2022).