Pedelec, the future of two wheels is electric

The future of two-wheeled pedals is marked pedelec. The electric bikes are intended to gradually and completely replace thebicycles conventional. According to the Go Pedalec report of the German ExtraEnergy association, the pedelec are spreading rapidly and sales will reach 1.6 million units worldwide by 2018.

But what are the characteristics of one electric bicycle?
Pedelecs, Pedal Electric Cycle, is one bicycle equipped with electric motor. The motor acts as a pedal support - that's why Pedelecs- until the maximum speed is reached: when the engine of the car reaches 25 km / h bike it automatically disconnects as 25 km / h is the maximum speed allowed by EU legislation. The eBike exceeding 25 km / h can no longer be classified as bicycles and need a license plate, a condition not required for Pedelecs that do not exceed 25 km / h.

Being the bicycles, the Pedalec they can pass anywhere without the need for insurance, road tax, license plate, petente or helmet. The electric motor it is powered by a rechargeable battery whose duration depends on many factors: the weight of the rider, the weight of the bicycle, the road conditions and the quality of the components.

The interest of the Pedalec affects everyone, including car manufacturers, so, BMW and Wolkswagen (with its eBike Smart), have already launched the first models of motorized bikes.

According to the magazine E-Bike Europe, in the Union, the sales of Pedelecs already exceeded one million units in 2010. The diffusion of pedelec it affects not only commuters but also elderly or out of shape people. With the help of a tow, a pedelec it becomes the ideal way to accompany your children to school! This is not a means of individual transit but also collective: bike-sharing points are widespread throughout Europe, the Italian example par excellence is given by Milan.

What limits the spread of electric bikes in our country it is not the mentality, it is not the market: every year the companies in the sector churn out ever more performing and competitive models, from city bikes to slack or racing bikes. Young audiences are ready to fly electric bikes however the limiting factor lies in the prices and in the deep economic crisis that is hitting the country.

Video: Lit Motors C-1, fully-electric, self-balancing, two-wheeled vehicle at Gigaom Roadmap #roadmapconf (January 2022).