Driving license points, instructions for balance and recovery

Driving license points, instructions for balance and recovery

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The system ofdriving license with pointswas introduced in 2003 when driving license holders were awarded abalanceof 20points. Over time these 20 points have been able to undergo changes: increase, in the case of a virtuous motorist or decrease, in the case of an undisciplined motorist who has been pinched to violate the highway code.

How to check the license points
Who wantscheck your driver's license points balancehas three methods available:
- call the dedicated number 848 782 782, active 7 days a week and 24 / 24h. The call is not free and the user must follow the instructions requested by the automatic voice, enter the number of their driving license and wait for the response.

- access the motorist's portal, register and access thedriving license points balance. The information is in real time and the service is free.

- Download one of the Smartphone Apps such as the dedicated iPatente application, available for iPhone OS and Android operating system. Again, forknow the remaining driving license points, you will have to register on the Motorist Portal because the Application will ask you for the user and password of this service to view the data.

How to recover the license points
The most unruly motorists may come to have the need to follow acourse for the recovery of pointscurtailed. Authorized driving schools organizepoints recovery courses, the courses are compulsory and / or require a final theoretical and practical exam. With acourseit's possiblerecoverup to 6driving license points. The maximum ofdriving license pointsrises to 9 for motorists in possession of alicenseprofessional.

For regain driving license points,the motorist must have been caught in at least one offense which saw the loss of more than 5 points and which, in the space of 12 months, has suffered two cuts of at least 5 points each. For the most virtuous motorists,regain driving license pointsis simpler and above all less expensive: one point per year is credited for 3 years, then 2 points are added per year for each year without infringements up to a maximum of 10 points and amaximum driving license points balance of 30.

What happens if the license points run out / run out?
Therelicense, at the end of thepoints, it will be automatically suspended.

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