How to divide the garden, the arrangement of the flower beds

How to divide the garden, the arrangement of the flower beds

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Lately it seems likemake the vegetable gardenhas become a fashion, well ... well that's it! If all fashions were like this, maybe there would not even be hunger in the world. Theorthistsalready established no longer ask themselveshow to cultivateone or the other vegetables, they rather wonderhow to divide the garden.Today we will talk about this and we will see how it iscan divide the garden so as to obtain well-defined spaces.

When you are lucky enough to own a small patch of land, the cultivation of the vegetable garden is almost a must. In these cases the only constraint is given by the size but with the giant strides of horticulture it is possible to grow everything even in a small space.

Considered a land it candivide the gardenaccording to the crops you want to put. Cut out four flower beds for the vegetables, the size of each flower bed varies according to the total size of the garden. For example, in a 60 square meter plot of land, 4 flower beds of 3 square meters could be "outlined", or 1.5 x 2 m. The flower beds must be 50 cm apart. In the most sheltered part from the wind, it will be possible to grow fruit trees and, if they are located to the north, the foliage of the trees will not cast shade on the garden. In the opposite direction to the orchard it will be possible to grow a great variety of aromatic plants.

The entire garden can be delimited by:

  • a border with rocks, bricks, low plants, lanterns ...
  • systemsdelimitingartificial
  • wooden hoops
  • firewood arranged in parallel rows

The various flower beds ofvegetable gardenthey can be divided with intertwined branch trellises or specially purchased dividing elements. As for thedivisionof plants and vegetables, it must be remembered that in the same flowerbed, plants of the same family should not be grown together, such as, for example, beans with peas, cabbage with radishes or tomatoes with potatoes. In organizing thevegetable gardenwe must be careful to grow root plants with leaf plants as happens with carrot and lettuce or turnip and spinach. Large plants can be combined with smaller plants in order to make the most of the possible surface.

In the vegetable garden in the photo, forto dividethe various flower beds ofvegetable garden, old pieces of plastic sheets were used. The use of artificial elements fordivide the gardenit is strongly not recommended, instead of plastics you can use wooden poles or beams, much safer and more natural.

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