Ideas for decorating the house, the stencil

Ideas for decorating the house, the stencil

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For to decorate the walls, the furniture, the objects of home ours, we can use the stencil, a painting technique that involves the use of special masks of various models and sizes. Stencils are sold in fine art stores, but can also be found in paint shops, stationeries and DIY department stores. The fact remains that the spencil can be made with your hands! Decorating your home with stencils does not require a lot of experience, just a fair amount of time and a little healthy patience, especially if the wall to be decorated is very large.

Decorate home, characteristics of the stencil
The stencils are found in the standard models that show a rather simple decoration but that can be repeated and combined with others, wanting to create more complex decorations. They are made of synthetic material, rigid cardboard or Manila paper.

Decorating the house with stencils, the procedure

  1. Before applying the stencil, clean the surface thoroughly, dry and make sure there is no dust
  2. Apply the stencil in place with masking tape (easy to remove when finished)
  3. Dip the brush in the paint but not too much to transfer it to the support through the windows of the stencil, starting from the edge of the decoration going towards the center.
  4. After you have tinted all tinted windows, let them dry
  5. Then remove the spencil and place it in a new position to continue the decoration

ATTENTION: At the end of the work the masks must be cleaned thoroughly especially along the internal edges of the windows as any hardened paint makes them very irregular.

Decorate home with stencils, useful tips

  • To apply the color, use the special brushes for short-bristled stencils
  • Use the specific masking tape to fix the masks to the wall
  • Choose the right paint: water-based paint or acrylic enamel on walls, acrylic enamel or the appropriate stencil colors on wood and more
  • For small decorations, prefer normal watercolor brushes which are able to follow the edges of the openings with greater precision
  • For a sheer effect, apply the paint through the openings, with mohair pads or sponges
  • For maximum precision, treat the details later with a small brush after removing the mask.

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