How do dragon clouds prepare?

How do dragon clouds prepare?

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How are the dragon clouds? If you have been to a Chinese restaurant at least once, you will surely know what it is dragon clouds or at least you have read on the menu of these appetizing puffs with shrimp flavor, as light and crunchy as well-fried chips, used as a side dish and aperitif. Well, if you have seen them, maybe you will want to try making them at home and you have also wondered: how are they prepared?

What you are about to read may disappoint you, but the first thing to make clear is that the homemade preparation of dragon clouds, despite their apparent simplicity, it is far from simple and requires at least two days of time (or a semi-processing done in advance) unless you have a laboratory kitchen equipped with an extruder that allows you to take advantage of the combined action of pressure and temperature.

In fact at delle dragon clouds, in addition to the all in all simple ingredients and equally simple cooking, there is a series of chemical reactions dependent on pressure and temperature (as happens for tempura) that make for that very particular result, we refer to the consistency similar to the leaves of extruded polystyrene (in fact), difficult to repeat at home.

Dragon Cloud Ingredients. We said that they are simple and in particular they are: crabs (whole or already in pulp); tapioca flour, starch and water in the right proportion to the quantity of the other ingredients.

Homemade preparation of dragon clouds. After having risotto the prawns in a puree using the pulp or the soft part, mix together the tapioca flour and water until you get a soft dough to which you will add the prawn purée. The consistency of the mixture will initially be similar to that of powdered plaster, but then it will become softer and more workable.

Now it's time to cook the dragon clouds, which must be steamed until the consistency of the dough is such that it is possible to make small sausages the size of frankfurters, which, however, will still be too sticky and mushy to be sliced. The problem is solved by putting the dough in the freezer for a couple of days and preparing the slices when the 'sausages' have thawed a little. The trick of semi-processing is to use 'sausages' made from dough prepared in the previous days.

When you put the slices of dough in boiling oil, you will witness the little miracle of seeing the dragon clouds swell, become lighter in color, and become covered with small bubbles and internal cavities that make them very light and brittle. The industrial-type preparation with an extruder makes everything faster and easier and in fact it is difficult to find a Chinese restaurant, or even a Japanese restaurant of tempura wizards, to prepare dragon clouds at the moment.

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