Drafts of the windows

Drafts of the windows

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Here's how to definitively eliminate drafts from windows and identify other drafts in the house (from the shutter box, from the electrical sockets…). Lots of tips on do-it-yourself remedies.

The windows in your home are proof against drafts? As many of you already imagine, the drafts of air that pass through the old windows, involve a considerable waste of energy in the winter as well as in the summer. In summer they let in hot air, making the work of fans and air conditioners inefficient, in winter they let in cold air and the heat produced by the stoves is quickly dispersed.

To maintain a constant temperature, both in summer and in winter, the home must be completely isolated. This is a problem that should not be underestimated as the drafts they can significantly affect the electricity consumption, forcing the temperature of the thermostat to be increased or the operation of the air conditioners to be prolonged. This only means one thing: unnecessary waste of money and energy. Drafts are therefore a problem that can be stemmed with a few simple tricks.

Where are the drafts in the house

In order to directly verify the presence or not of drafts, it will be sufficient to have a lighted candle: if the candle flame bends near a window, it means that there is a current of air. At this point we just have to take action! In this regard we will illustrate you how to eliminate drafts in windows, following some precautions.

Draft windows, useful information

The first thing that should be done is to change the window in question, but this would entail a considerable expense. At this point we just have to resort to palliatives for eliminate drafts without resorting to excessive spending.

Adhesive profiles

There are neoprene adhesive profiles on the market to seal the window frames which vary according to the thickness of the crack: for the application, the edge of the windows must first be carefully cleaned

Insulating edges

You can also use the insulating foam rubber edges, with self-adhesive backing, to be applied to the lower end of the window. Also in this case it is necessary to perfectly clean the part of the window on which to adhere it.

Insulation for roller shutter box

Other drafts could come from the roller shutter box, in direct contact with the outside: cracks may form between the wall and the box. In this case you can remedy by sealing with silicone, putty, ad hoc adhesives or insulating panels. For all the info: how to isolate the shutter box.

And for the drafts that also come from the doors? To seal the gap between the door and the floor, you can proceed with an adhesive sill rod, which can be applied very easily. Alternatively, you can place the classic fabric drafts stops under the door, which you can find in household items stores and can also be made at home.

Do it yourself remedies

If the normal adhesive strips do not guarantee the necessary adaptability to all the irregularities of the support, it can be remedied with an ad hoc intervention:

  1. Lay a long silicone bead along the window frame and lay a plastic film on top. Then close the window so that the sash crushes the silicone bead and shapes it exactly where it is needed
  2. Leave the window closed until the silicone is dry
  3. Then open the doors and remove the plastic film
  4. Finally, remove the excess silicone beyond the edges with a cutter or razor blade.

How to eliminate drafts from windows

How to eliminate drafts from windows There are special foam rubber insulation systems called proper draft excluders. They are purchased in the most common hardware stores and are easy to install. The only recommendation: maximum precision is required in taking door measurements and to check that the edges are clean. In this case you can help yourself with hot water and a sponge and make sure that the edges are completely dry before applying the draft excluders. A cutter can help to cut the excess rubber.

  • Universal foam seal for doors and windows

It succeeds inavoid drafts of the windowseliminating gaps up to 15 mm. This solution for rIparare the windows from the drafts is offered on Amazon at a price of 4.84 euros with free shipping. Recommended for its excellent value for money.

How to eliminate drafts from doors and armored doors

Door drafts are also a big problem in terms of temperature dispersion. An effective way to eliminate drafts from the doors is undoubtedly to replace them.

Obviously this is a rather substantial expense that is not always able to cope. Fortunately, there are several solutions on the market that allow you to eliminate drafts from the doors. In addition to the traditional foam rubber draft excluders, there are adhesive profiles in neoprene or other thermal insulation materials that can be applied between the door and the floor. Without forgetting the more classic fabric draft excluders that can be purchased in household goods stores in different variations and with colors and patterns suitable for every taste.

The draft excluders have prices ranging from a few euros up to 30 - 50 euros for the more insulating and fixed models. Before applying the classic adhesive profiles in rubber or sponge, you will need to carefully clean the perimeter of the door or window.

Among the variousdraft excluders under the dooravailable on the market, we recommend one with an excellent value for money (you can buy it on Amazon with € 14.90 and free shipping costs).

  • Double-sided door sill rod

It is suitable foreliminate door drafts. It is made of foam, it hinders the entry of air from the classic cracks between the door and the floor. It fits and is adaptable for slots up to 22 mm and doors up to 95 cm in length. Warning! It is not suitable for all doors for example, it is also suitable for drafts which form under andarmored doorsonly if these do NOT have a thickness greater than 2.2 cm.

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