Energy saving, electricity consumption meter

Energy saving, electricity consumption meter

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Save on energy consumption it means making conscious and responsible choices. We are often led to evaluate other operators to lighten the bill thanks to their offers on the market… .. but that's not enough! If we want to reduce waste, we must change our lifestyle and make choices even if they may initially affect the family budget. For example do our appliances work properly? How much does each single appliance consume? In this regard, we can use a small object, very easy to use, known by the name of electricity consumption meter, available in the electricity department of supermarkets or hardware stores, do-it-yourself, or even online. But let's see in detail how the electricity consumption meter.

Energy saving, electricity consumption meter
It is an electronic device with a display, which must be inserted between the socket of our appliance and the electrical socket in the wall. As soon as it is connected, the device will measure the passage of current, and then calculate how much electricity is consumed while using the appliance in question.

How does it work?
The display shows the real-time consumption in Watts, in Amperes, the power peaks: the data are automatically saved to review them calmly.
On some devices, you can set the cost related to your usage range to directly view the consumption expressed in euros.
Why is it important to measure the consumption of our appliances?
Over time, household appliances lose efficiency, fail, causing a loss of electricity without our knowledge, with a consequent increase in our energy expenditure.
Other times, we tend to underestimate certain consumption that may seem harmless to us.
An example? The damned light of the Stand-by. Maybe we take it for granted that they do not tangibly affect energy consumption ……. Instead we are wrong! Just test their consumption through the device and then make calculations on consumption over a day, month, year. There will be a bad shot!

Energy consumption, the fridge
The fridge is the household appliance that unfortunately involves 24-hour energy consumption. Using a latest generation fridge could, according to rough estimates, save us even a hundred euros a year. Wanting to make a comparison through the electronic meter, we were able to see that an old fridge at home shows a daily consumption of about 2 kWh. The current one, of the latest generation, class A +++, consumes only 0.350.

What are you waiting for to change old appliances?



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