Eco-friendly printing: the ISO 16759 standard

Eco-friendly printing: the ISO 16759 standard

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The sector of print on paper is among the most involved in the themes of environmental sustainability, either for the consumption of the same paper resource or for the materials and processes involved in the production cycle of printing. Also for this reason certifications such as lo are particularly important global standard ISO 16759 concerning the 'Quantification and communication of the calculation of emissions of printed products': a real certificate of eco-sustainable print.

The global standard ISO 16759 was published in July 2013 and the first organization in the industry to receive the relevant certificate of compliance was Ricoh Europe in early September. The certificate was issued by Print and Media Certification Ltd (PMC), the only UK certification body specializing in the paper, printing and publishing industries.

Print and Media Certification employs industry-experienced specialists and auditors who carry out audits to improve print processes and add value. There ISO 16759 certification certifies the commitment to environmental sustainability in printing. In the case of Ricoh Europe, it also certifies the accuracy of the Japanese company's innovative Carbon Calculator for analyzing theenvironmental impact of prints under the Carbon Balanced Printing Program.

Ricoh's Carbon Calculator is a system aimed at eco-sustainable print which calculates the emissions considering the energy consumption, toner and media used during the production process of a particular job. The calculation includes emissions related to the supply of spare parts and consumables and the provision of services by the supplier.

Using the Carbon Calculator, Ricoh's print service providers are able to reduce theenvironmental impact of printing processes and to provide carbon-neutral services. There certification ISO 16759 in fact certifies the validity of this 'calculator' and with it of the entire Carbon Balanced Printing Program. In short, Ricoh partners and their customers know that the methodology used to calculate emissions complies with an international standard and is certified by a specialized third party.

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